10 Winter Printable Decoration Ideas

The season of cheer is here and with lots of snow. Of course, the Christmas festivities are the highlight of the winter season. Printable decoration ideas are one way of adding cheer to your home in an affordable and fun way. This can be simply done while involving everyone in the family including small kids. What are some winter printable decoration ideas to try this year?

Customizable menu

There will be lots of food and drink during this season, why not play pretend that your home is a 5-star facility serving 3-course dinners? Do this with a beautifully made customizable menu. You can easily do it with a downloadable font and design it with Adobe suite. Better yet, have the guests enter their orders and print them directly and instantly.

Tree placards

You have the real tree beautifully decorated and standing in the corner. Add a variety by making tree paper placards with your guests’ names on them. Place a placard at each guest’s place on the table just like they would have name placards in a conference, only this time it is more fun and colorful.

Thank you cards

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Do it with gratitude printables. These are commonly seen during Thanksgiving but they are also brilliant for Christmas season. These cards will remind everyone of who really matters during the sad and happy times in life.

Christmas banners

Printable banners are easy to make and are very versatile decorative items. They can be hung above the sideboard where you will set the buffet. You can also string them across the mantel and hang more on the front door as colorful welcome.

Printable food mats

This is a bit tricky to pull off but you can do it with glossy photo paper. Download and print your favorite designs for a colorful Christmas table.

Printable treat bags

Your guests have come, eaten and drank to their fill. Send them on the way home with a treat bags. These can be easily made using normal small grocery bags printed with merry and bright tags.

Winter monograms

Make fancy printer wreaths on store-bought card paper. A wreath design encircling your guests’ name initials is a very personalized touch that they will remember for a long time.

Winter bucket list

There is so much to do and see during the Christmas holidays. Why not make a printable decorative bucket list that you can stick on the fridge door for everyone to see? Fun items to tick off would include ‘Make Fudge,’ or ‘Bake cookies’ and whatever else you think would be fun.

Winter bookmark gifts

If you are having kid guests who love books, interest them with coloring printable bookmarks that they can work on as they enjoy their favorite reads.

Printable ‘Merry Christmas’

It is the season for cheer so announce it loudly with a big ‘Merry Christmas’ banner that you can put together from several printed papers.