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2015 Top 3 Best Wireless Printers

Choosing a printer can be a stressful process. There are almost as many options for printers as there are options for paint colors and each one varies from the next. There are wired printers, wireless ones, printers with fax, laser jet printers, inkjet printers, and multi-function machines. The list could go on and on for ages.


In order to categorize the different features of printers and their importance to making a choice in printers, it is necessary to be informed of the different options that are available. These different options include pages per minute, color quality, type of ink and whether or not the printer is wireless or requires an in wall hookup. Pages per minute will vary by printer manufacturer and color quality will vary according to what type of ink used in the printer. Laser printing is more ideal for those wishing to print large volumes at a time but in black and white. Colors are better suited to be printed with an inkjet printer as hue and brilliance can be more greatly achieved with the use of inkjet system.

The other deciding factor is what is the focus of this article. In this modern and increasing digital age, Wi-Fi and connectivity are become more and more available, making the option of purchasing a wireless printer seem like the most viable and best option to date. Wireless printers give the option to print from anywhere, given the device you are printing from is within reaching distance of the Wi-Fi connection of the printer itself. No longer are we stuck in the world of finding a cord long enough to reach an outlet to plug in a printer, go wireless for your next printer and choose one of top three wireless printer options from 2015.

Ranked third as the best wireless printer in 2015 as well as the best wireless printer for your money, the Canon PIXMA MX922 is a great printing option. It produces high quality printing because it has five ink cartridges that might actual end up saving you money, probably a reason why this printer is voted most “bang for your buck”. It has a few letdowns in terms of time between hitting print and having the pages’ pop out but if you have printing patience this is the perfect printer for you. All in all, this printer has great reviews, comes from a highly reputable company and is a great buy for your money in terms of wireless printers.

The Brother HL3170CDW comes just shy of first place due to one small defect. It’s a fast machine that produces high quality printing, even when duplexing, but if you want to print any other paper size besides letter or legal size, you have to feed the machine by “manual by-pass slot”. Due to this slight issue, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF- 4630 comes in first in terms of being the top three wireless printing options in 2015. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF- 4630 is versatile, prints in black and white, can handle printing pages of all sizes and shapes, offers scanning, copying and faxing elements not offered by the other two contenders mentioned and has an extremely high photo printing quality. It is the best wireless option to date and it also comes in at a reasonable price, rival machines can cost up to five times more but can’t contend with the wireless printing excellence of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF- 4630.

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