2019 Holiday Printing Guide | Generic Printer

The holiday season is coming up, and as a tradition, many people show love to friends and family by sending them printed cards or fliers. As we prepare for this holiday, you might have to print birthday cards for your loved ones, holiday cards, Christmas cards, New Year cards, fliers for your end of year party as well as office material and business documents. In this guide, we’ll be offering you various tips to on how to perfect and produce high-quality printouts, using brand ink and especially generic printer ink that comes with wide-ranging benefits.

Brand Ink Vs Generic Printer Ink

Cost: Owning a printer comes with the additional cost of purchasing new ink cartridges and even more so if you purchase name-brand ink from the manufacturer, unlike the less expensive generic inks from third parties.  Generic printer inks often cost 50 per cent less than the price of name-brand ink for the same printer.

Print Yield: Apart from the low cost, generic printer ink models often contain more ink than name-brand types.  According to PC World magazine tests, Generic printer cartridges outnumbered manufacturer-approved sources in pages printed. That reduces the overall cost of printing per page.

Printing Cards: Generic cartridges are the best when it comes to printing items like Birthday cards or Holiday cards and the likes. This is because you don’t need name-brand printer ink which is expensive to do short-term or disposable printing.

The 2 Main Characteristics of Inkjet Printers which Affect Image Quality

Today’s inkjet devices come with exceptional photographic quality and text quality, unlike laser printers.  When you evaluate inkjet printers for your printing business or personal printing at home, consider two of the most important hardware characteristics which affect image quality and pick the version with the attributes that suit your workflow.

Printhead Design: Choosing an Inkjet printer with a better printhead technology is necessary to make the output of your printing much better. Thermal designs are made to heat the printhead’s nozzles, pushing the bubbles of the tiny ink out onto the paper; meanwhile, a piezo-electric design applies electricity to a crystal. This alters the nozzle’s shape and releases ink droplets in varying sizes. Between the two, you should choose piezo-electric printheads, because they don’t need heat to force their ink out which makes them print at great speeds. Their hardware is also more long-lasting than their thermal equivalents. Besides, smaller ink droplets are great for high-quality image reproduction.

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Ink Type: As you go for the generic printer ink for your Inkjet printers, it’s good to be aware of the difference between dye and pigment-based inks. Though dye inks are great at producing multiple colours and come cheaper than pigment-based inks, they absorb into the paper and become blurred and also fade easily due to their less-water resistance. Consider printing your holiday cards and office material with pigment-based generic printer inks which are much superior in quality and durability.

Ink Usage: Less costly inkjet printers are designed for only two ink cartridges. They are one for black, and another for cyan, yellow and magenta. This means once any of the three colours is finished, you will have to jettison the rest of the cartridge. To avoid taking such an uneconomical decision, buy a generic ink that comes with individual ink tanks for each ink colour so that you can refill each time an individual colour runs out.

Considerations: Though paper type is not a printer characteristic, the role it plays in output quality as per the capabilities and limitations of the hardware cannot be ignored. Some papers optimize production on specific ink types. For example, when you print photographs or graphics on standard office bond paper, the results are not appealing.

Does Inkjet Paper Matter?

You can find a variety of papers in office supply shops such as basic offset paper, fancy photo papers, Inkjet specific papers and more. The type of paper you need is based on your expectations, but you need to go for the best.

Copy: Originally manufactured for photocopiers, copy bond are the cheapest and yet the most readily available type of paper that also comes in large quantities. Often slightly translucent, it produces good results for your daily printing, especially as you prepare for this coming holiday though your ink may not handle image-based prints well.

Uncoated Inkjet: Uncoated inkjet paper may appear whiter or even more opaque. It uses more fibre too. You can choose it for the sake of its high-quality output with generic printer ink though it comes at a considerably higher price compared to plain copy paper. Name brand papers often perform more reliably but sell at even more expensive.

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Speciality: Specialty inkjet papers include fine art, photographic, iron-on transfer transparency, special metallic, canvas surfaces and more. Speciality papers matter because of the better quality and truer colour they produce when compared to art paper or uncoated papers not designed for inkjet use.

Does Ink Affect How Well a Printer Prints?: Generic printer

Whether you’re using dye inks or the more reliable pigment-based inks of generic print type, the ink use definitely affects the way your printer prints. This is why getting the best printer is fundamental. With Inkjet output quality, the prints’ capability when it comes to resisting moisture, fading, humanity, light and other environmental threats play a significant role.

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