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5 Printer Hacks You Should Know About

If you are a student, an office worker or simply someone who likes to print documents for personal use, then this blog post is perfect for you. You might not know it, but printing can be done much cheaper than buying ink cartridges and toner. Here are five printer hacks that can help save you money!


1. Use a piece of printer paper as a placeholder for the final copy

One way to save on printer paper is to use a placeholder for the final copy. When you print something out, just put a piece of printer paper over the item that you need to print so it doesn’t come out until you’re ready. This hack has a few different variations–it’s possible to use a binder clip or even duct tape.


A 3-ring binder clip can be used to keep your paper in line before you take the final sheet of printer paper and place it on top. You can then take both pieces of the paper and place them together to form a stack before using the clip to hold them even tighter. Duct tape can also do this job. The best part about this hack is that it’s reusable–reuse your piece of printer paper for as long as you need to by just adding another one when it gets too full.


2. Put the page order in the right order.

If you plan on printing multiple pages, make sure they are in the right order so that they come out correctly. If you plan on printing multiple pages, make sure they are in the right order so that they come out correctly. Place any blank sheets of paper on top of the stack before binding them together with a binder clip. Doing so will ensure that your document comes out exactly as you want it to. You can also use this trick to print and cut apart sections of your document, so they only take up one sheet of paper.


3. Use rubber bands to secure your pages together when printing  

This trick is perfect if you need to print a large document and don’t want it to take up too much space. Rubber bands could be the perfect solution when it comes to this problem. Just go around the paper with an elastic band or two and then your document won’t come apart when you’re not using it. 


4. Print on both sides of the paper for less cost and more copies.

Printing on both sides of the paper can do this because this will cut down on the cost of running the printer. If you are running out of ink for your printer, you could save it by printing double-sided because it will use less ink. Printing on both sides also saves paper, which is good for the environment.


5. Store your printer away from humidity, heat, and dust to avoid damage or malfunctions.

It is important to always store your printer in a dry, cool location. Heat can cause damage to the ink cartridges and other sensitive parts of the printer. It is also important not to store your printer near any type of dust or pet hair because it can impact the operation of the machine or clog up parts like bearings and fans. If you’re not sure if your maintenance needs are urgent, keep checking on it every month. 


6. Secure your printer cartridge leaking or drying up

You don’t want to risk your printer cartridge leaking or drying up, so if you’re moving take your ink cartridges out of your printer. Store in a sealed bag and try not to expose it too much during transportation.


Printing can be a pain. It’s expensive, and it often takes up too much time when you could be doing something else. But printing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or take up your whole day! If you want to save some cash on ink cartridges and toner, then read this blog post about the printer hacks that will help keep costs down while still giving you high quality prints. Let us know if these tips helped make printing more affordable!

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