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Ten Things You Need To Know About Discount Printer Cartridges

Learn the ten things you need to know about discount printer cartridges that will help you more than you know. Printer cartridges are important items for anyone who owns a printer. However, many people are very unhappy with the high price of these commodities. According to recent studies, almost half of the people who own a printer are displeased. They think that they are overpaying for their ink. For this reason, they are always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives.

Are you one of them? We do not blame you. Printer cartridges can be unexpectedly expensive. In addition to that, you might go through a cartridge a lot quicker than you might think.

It doesn’t matter if you use your printer regularly or just every now and then. Buying the right cartridges can often be a hustle. Keep reading to learn more about how to buy the best discount printer cartridges!

Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Before you commit on any purchase, make sure you know what to buy. There is a wide variety of printer cartridges on the market. For this reason, it is essential to know exactly what your printer needs. The last thing you want is to buy a huge load of printer cartridges, only to discover they’re the wrong kind!

Buying online is cheaper

As a general rule, buying products online is often cheaper. This is also the case for printer cartridges. These items can be quite expensive at a brick-and-mortar retail location. However, websites often advertise competitive rates. These companies can afford to sell their products cheaper for many reasons. First and foremost, they don’t have as much of an upkeep cost. They don’t need to constantly maintain a retail shop and pay sales personnel. This is why they have higher profit margins. Under these circumstances, they can decrease the cost of their products. This is one of the many ways these businesses manage to stay more competitive. The web is a large-scale market. By advertising lower prices, online shops can keep a very good edge on their competitors. When looking to buy printer cartridges at a discounted rate, make sure you check the web first. There are many online shops with great prices.

Buy the right printer to optimize ink costs.

Before you even start looking for cheap ink cartridges, start from the beginning. The best way to save money on ink is to choose a printer that won’t run on really expensive cartridges. The web can be your best friend. Spend a little time to research your options. If you do that, you can learn what printers are known for their ink efficiency. It’s important to get a good idea of what’s available. You might think you might be spending a bit more money on a printer that’s highly optimized for ink consumption. However, the lower cost of ink cartridges will definitely be worth your while. It will save you a lot of money over time, we guarantee it.

Saving money on ink cartridges is not just about finding the cheapest rates or the best sales. It is really all about being smart shoppers.

Don’t miss out on seasonal sales

During sales periods, you could also enjoy some neat seasonal discounts. Occasions like Black Friday or even Christmas sales are two good examples. These are usually great opportunities to actually stock up on printer cartridges. You can buy large amounts of cartridges at very cheap rates. You may think you might be spending quite a lot buying a large bulk. On the other hand, you will save money in the long run.

Make sure you understand shipping rates.

It’s important to make sure you understand shipping rates before you place an order. Some websites advertise mind-boggling prices. Everything looks amazing, and it feels like you are going to save a lot of money. However, the excitement will end once you realize the blow of the shipping cost!

Don’t let inflated shipping rates fool you. Make sure you always factor in the cost of product delivery.

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The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Printing

Holidays are the happiest days in a person’s life. It is the holidays that are known for their frenzied shopping sprees that people like to indulge in. Holiday seasons are the days when consumers wish to spend and marketers need to up their game in order to attract the most number of customers to choose their products and brand. It can prove to be a busy season for all that are concerned. Print has always been the best way to promote a company’s brand, influence the decision of buyers as well as encourage them to choose your brand. Printing can prove to be a huge boost to your business if done right, during one of the busiest shopping seasons throughout the year. Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, following the below-mentioned tips can help boost your business during the holiday season. This article presents to you the ultimate holiday printing guide that will definitely help you with your business.

Printing Holiday Cards

A great tip in printing holiday cards is to print them in a custom manner that would feature your logo, colors of your brand and a personalized holiday message, dedicated solely to your customers. Generic cards fall short of custom holiday cards, owing to their sense of personal touch and emotional connection that is established with the use of lovely holiday messages. For a traditional touch to your holiday cards print them in folded patterns and also print matching envelopes with them, or you can take an experimental chance by printing contemporary postcard style of holiday cards. Whatever, be your approach it is sure to find an eager and enthusiastic audience. According to statistics 1.6 billion holiday cards are sent in the holiday of Christmas alone.

Printing Holiday Stickers

Stickers are a brilliant printing option during the holidays and they can serve as both a brilliant marketing tool as well as a versatile thing to use during the festive seasons. Printing holiday stickers that feature your brand’s logo can be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes include envelope sealers, product packaging tools, address labels, gift labels and even return address labels. It is unwise to underestimate the effect and influence that stickers have on your brand’s marketing ability. Stickers are known to accentuate and promote word of mouth marketing for any business. According to researches, purchasing decisions made by 90% of the people in the world is based on word of mouth recommendations.

Printing Holiday Calendars

A calendar is the best way to promote your business or your brand and is probably the best thing to print during the holidays. Calendars are of utility all 365 days of the year and can be used to bring your business’s brand right in front of your customers for an entire year. They are also welcome gifts. With proper selection of the theme for the calendar and efficient printing, a calendar would be put up on display by your customers all year round, thereby attracting more customers. The option of printing calendars varies from wall calendars to desk calendars. Wall calendars can be adorned with interesting and proper images that would make your customers proud to put it up on display, or desk calendars which come in handy as a good reference tool for your corporate customers on a daily basis. Calendars are also cheap and have one of the lowest cost-per-impression amongst the different marketing tools, whether you choose to print it online or off of it. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and as little as an order of just 25 wall calendars and 10 calendars is enough to gift to all of your important customers, for them to put it up on display.

Printing Holiday Banners

Banners serve as a major push for the marketing of a business’s brand and it comes at a very low cost. It is a brilliant way to reach a large mass of people at hardly any cost. However, placing a banner should be done after making a wise strategic decision and they should only be placed at places which enable the banner to be visible to hundreds or maybe even thousands of people on a daily basis. This is a brilliant way to make your holiday specials be made aware to the public in a cost-effective manner. These places may include busy intersections or roads, shopping malls, public places like bus stands or stations, and even opposite the stores of your competitors, in order to attract a larger customer base.

Printing Holiday Flyers

Another thing that must be included in the ultimate holiday printing guide is a flyer. These flyers can be printed to showcase holiday specials that your business is arranging and place it strategically inside newspapers, give them as hand-outs in front of busy public places or places where a lot of buyers tend to visit, like a shopping mall and at busy public places. Any kind of service, including nightclubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants can have their holiday deals, discounts and events are listed in a flyer.


25 Ways for Optimized Printing to Save Ink

Do you get tired trying to refill ink every time? Refilling ink is often a cost-effective deal.

It generally burns a hole in your pocket. What you need to understand is the efficient use of the printing device. Check out the 25 easy ways for optimized printing techniques to save more ink:

  1. Any printing device has a recorded usage lifeline fixed by manufacturing companies. According to a given device, a company must understand the costs incurred by imaging. Optimized costs are possible if a printer runs within the stipulated time frame.
  2. Printer manufactures convince consumers not to avail third-party producers. However, going with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications and availing compatible cartridges from the alternative source is cost-efficient.
  3. Keep the ‘low quality’ printing option checked by ‘default’ if your printer functions for heavy commercial purposes. You have the option to always swap to ‘high quality’ when necessary.
  4. Avail the ‘draft’ mode present at your printer properties section. This option optimizes your ink by toning it down, giving you an undetectable precise print. Select this option when you are printing drafts.
  5. Print what is necessary. If you need certain sections to be printed, do not go for printing the whole document. Precision, in turn, will save your ink. This is often a recurrent mistake while printing.
  6. When you are printing from a web page, ensure that any redundant printable like logos, subscripts, useless links or advertisements have not traveled to a different page. Always check the print preview to avoid ink wastage and ensure optimized printing.
  7. If you are a heavy user of printing devices, buying ink in bundles saves total money when compared to buying singles. You not only save on your ink but on transportation too.
  8. The volume is to device ratio stands crucial. For a business to run smoothly, the plan is to install cost-efficient devices in voluminous areas. Think will keep the flow of ink steady and print costs will be effective.
  9. If you have a black and white document to print, do not set the choice to color print. Color cartridges consume more ink because of the combination of primary colors and empty up faster.
  10. Getting hold of an ink filling kit stands recommended. It again enables you with the choice to fill up your ink independently without incurring extra costs.
  11. When your printer gives you the warning that your ink is running low, do not go for refilling. Instead, mildly shake up the cartridge so that the ink gets redistributed. This policy of optimized printing ensures several more prints.
  12. Turning your printer off while on processing can turn out to be injurious. An abrupt stop to printing can lead to ink leakages and even drying up of the nozzle.
  13. If you have to use your frequently, it is always better to keep the power turned on. With every switching on of the power, the printer uses a little amount of ink to initiate itself.
  14. You can control graphics resolution in some printers. Setting it to 300 dpi will serve most of the daily commercial purposes. Lesser resolution means lesser ink consumption.
  15. It is quite interesting to note that the use of certain fonts reduces the ink usage by up to 35%. Research says that that the font Times New Roman is one of them. Now when you are aware of it try to implement it and save ink in the process.
  16. If you are running out of black ink, you can use your color ink cartridge while saving a significant amount of ink. Just tick the ‘greyscale printing’ option and see printouts complimenting your black and white.
  17. When you going for long document printouts, try to reduce the margins so said that words become compact and in the process, the printing is optimized.
  18. Again if you are running low on the black and white ink cartridge, enable the ‘maximum dpi setting’ option which works pretty well even for black and white picture printouts.
  19. Reducing the color tone of dark backgrounds and objects reduces ink consumption. Replace unnecessary backgrounds and try to reduce contrast while increasing brightness.
  20. Your printer too needs maintenance. Do not let ink cartridges to get dried. When you are not a frequent user, insure that you do two rounds of printing every week to keep the flow of ink steady. If you leave your printer unused for long, you have to replace your ink frequently.

A host of software is also available that helps in optimized printing:

  1. Ecofont is a software that introduces holes which are invisible to human eyes to your fonts. When the printed letters are of the average size, there is no fall in printing quality. Results are optimally high with ink savings up to 28 %.
  2. GreenCloud, a much sought-after printer driver, focuses on money savings. It works through three layers of ink optimization technology which enhances ink savings with every print job that you undertake.
  3. GreenPrint has an auto-sensing capability which analyses every page for unnecessary clutters. It automatically removes useless URL, logos or advertisement. It even as the ability to detect if redundant printable have got continued to subsequent pages. The software is useful for webpage printings.
  4. Tonersaver software is designed for Windows. It automatically optimizes your printable without decreasing visible quality. Statistics have shown that this optimized printing software has reduced 75 % of ink usages.
  5. APFill is often a prominent choice at printing shops. It provides you with a graphical coverage of the amount of ink being used and its intensity of color, the paper density, and paper format. The driver tells you the amount of ink needed before a print job starts so that your expenditures are at a regular check.

When you are equipped with all the above pointers, your printing experience will turn out to be fruitful. You will start saving more with these easy and judicious printing optimizing techniques.

20 Advantages of Multifunction Wireless Printers

The benefits of multifunction wireless printers are many and include:

Cost Savings

When a small business does not have the funds to invest in a scanner, fax, and copier, they can turn to a superior multifunction wireless printer for assistance.  All-in-one printers also supply business with an opportunity to reduce the cost of energy bills. Unlike using multiple printers, all-in-one printers are much easier to maintain and purchase.

Space Savings

Space-saving issues are common for a lot of small business, as well as home-based offices. Rather than invest in a flatbed scanner, fax, and copiers, multifunction wireless printers save plenty of space with an all in one printer.


Whenever individuals have the ability to integrate several functions in one device it implies a higher level of convenience in terms of less space utilized, lower costs, and fewer challenges experienced during set up and consequent use.


An all-in-one multifunction printer consolidates all the most important office features into one box so that people can better manage all their document activity in a single area.


You could spend thousands on one dedicated printer or you can invest in a high-quality multifunction one that will only cost you a couple hundred dollars for a reliable machine.

Easy maintenance

Having one machine makes it easier for users to maintain. Tasks such as downloading driver updates and buying “consumables” such as ink or toner, paper, and other components also become generally easier.

Larger volume jobs

Buying a multifunction laser printer is a great idea when a business needs to handle an increased amount of larger volume jobs.

Internet Printing

You can print from other devices such as a phone, a tablet, or even a camera that has built-in Wi-Fi. This capability makes wireless printers the ultimate choice for most people.

Broad range available

With so many multifunction wireless printers being released into the market almost daily, multifunction wireless printers are easily accessible. Furthermore, it all boils down to one’s preference and budget when the selection process comes.

Power Savings

Unlike multiple printers, using just one wireless one will save funds spent on energy bills. Most wireless printers today come with eco-mode printing, as well as power saving modes with the aim of helping to cut down costs significantly.

Improved quality and features

All-in-one printers have come a long way which has resulted in enhanced features and specifications. This means better performance and a more superior user experience.

Can be bought online

Like most technological gadgets, multifunction wireless printers can also be purchases efficiently and effortlessly online. E-commerce stores have a lot of deals and discounts in a bid to attract consumers.

They will continue to get better

The rapid advancements in tech have led to increased development of various devices. Most manufacturers are providing customers with apps and software that makes these printers compatible with an array of devices such as digital cameras.

Wireless capability

Wireless printers work just like wired printers but rather than use cables, the printer connects to the device through Wi-Fi. When a printer is wireless, it saves the user from the hassle of setting it up and it also makes a workstation much neater and organized as there no endless wires lying around.

Easy setup process

Since users do not have to deal with pesky wires for connectivity anymore, multifunctional printers are much easier to set up compared to the more traditional ones. When setting up, these printers do not have to be placed directly next to the device as they can be placed anywhere out of the way without any issues. During set up, the only thing that one requires is a router. The only thing that might make the connection process slightly difficult is the user’s lack of familiarity with the product.

Easy replacement

Multifunction printers are designed to last for years and years. However, should you need to replace them, models can be accessed and replaced on the same day with ease. If yours should need a replacement part for repair, popular models can also be found and replaced without any challenges.

Print on the move

Because all-in-one printers have digital printing capabilities that let you print documents and pictures from a tablet or phone, it also means that individuals can print their essential when on the move. Aside from the computer, laptops and tablets, as well as any other supported devices can connect easily to a multifunction wireless printer.

Maximum value

While every gadget definitely has its own pros and cons, multifunction wireless printers have more benefits that outweigh the disadvantages, as such, this means that all-purpose printers offer customers the best value for their money.

For large organizations

Network printers are a much better alternative for businesses and large companies because they are the perfect printers for many users that need to share the same gadget.

Improved printing speed

Since wireless multifunction printers are more advanced nowadays, you can expect them to work exceptionally with great printing speed.

Best All-in-One Printer in 2018 Under $100

Printers have made an enormous leap and milestones over the years. Gone are the days when you have to buy a huge, chunky printer that could do nothing more than only print, if not jam all the time. Today, you can garner state of the art, all-in-one printer that can do just about anything you want in your office – print, scan, copy, fax, and whatnot – efficiently and inexpensively.

What’s more, an all in one printer in 2018 is small, sleek, and nearly maintenance-free. Need I say more? Well, here are 8 crème de la crème models of all in one printer you can buy in 2018 for less than 100 bucks.

1) Canon Pixma TS9120 (Price: $99)

Stand-out Feature: incredibly high printing speeds and outstanding print quality.

Right out of the box, Canon Pixma TS9120 is the undisputed champ of all in one printer in 2018. Price tag aside, this all in one printer is the best home-office printer your money can buy right now. Why is that? Canon Pixma TS9120 can churn out high-quality prints, both photos, and text, at unrivaled print speeds. It comes complete with six individual color inks, but you can expect printing costs to remain relatively low even with the extra inks.

With built-in copier and scanner, the printer is conveniently controlled with an adjustable 5”color touchscreen. Whatever your printing needs are, Canon Pixma TS9120 will get the job done right.

2) Epson WF-2760 (Price: $69.99)

Stand-out Feature: Low Price with High-End Features

If you are looking for a budget all-in-one or inkjet printer, you have found it: Epson WF-2760! Available from Amazon for $69.99, no other budget all in one printer in 2018 will give you both a duplexer for 2-sided printing and an automated document feeder. Even better, the printer does a bang-up job when it comes to print quality and speeds. The small downside is that color inks costs can rack up pretty quick.

3) HP OfficeJet 5255 (Price: $69.99)

Stand-out Feature: double-sided printing, low price, and sleek, compact design

HP OfficeJet 5255 offers easy double-sided printing without hiking the price. It is a great all in one printer 2018 for those looking for a general home-office printer that can do scans. Please note that this is not a good high-volume printer. It is simple and well-designed; it works amazingly for everyday home use. More importantly, it is complemented by HP’s features like excellent Wi-Fi use, ink subscription service, and 10 pages/min print speed.

4) Brother HL-L2350DW (Price: $99.99)

Stand-Out Feature: No ink. It’s well-designed and easy to use

This all in one laser printer can do double-sided printing quickly and efficiently. It is designed for those who do black-and-white print-outs and want to save on ink. The most prominent feature is that it is a laser-type printer, so you don’t have to spend money on ink. It comes with an auto-duplexing feature, offering great printing speeds.

5) Canon PIXMA MG2420 (Price: $45)

Stand-out Features: Price, red-eye correction, and photo-printing

If you are looking for a cheap, picture-printing all in one printer in 2018, look no further than Canon PIXMA MG2420. It is a handy printer for both general home use and small office printing. It comes with eye-catching features like auto photo fix, document printing, special filters, and quiet mode. With this printer, you can copy and scan docs or photos fast and quietly. You’ll love the 48-bit color depth and 600×1200 density-per-pixels.

6) Brother MFC-J460DW (Price: $64.99)

Stand-Out Features: print from smartphone, Web Connect Technology, high printing speeds, and reasonable price

Brother MFC-J460DW is a budget all in one printer that offer high quality scans, copies, and prints at an affordable price tag of $64.99. But, perhaps the best feature is the ability to print from your smartphone and directly from Onenote, DropBox, Google Drive, and Evernote. Sleek and compact, Brother’s MFC-J460DW offer auto duplex printing at 12 ppm. The printer produces solid color prints.

7) HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 (Price: $89.99)

Stand-out Features: scan to email functionality, 20000-page duty cycle, and high printing speed

Low cost, well-built, and robust, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 offers a duty cycle of up to 20,000 pages and print speeds of up to 18 ppm. It features a 35p automatic document feeder so you for tap-and-forget copying and scanning. Moreover, it comes with a scan-to-email feature and 1500 pages printing per cartridge. And for an $89.99 price tag, it is worth it.

8) Epson Expression XP-410 Color Wireless (Price: $59.99)

Stand-out features: low price, small size, and touch panel.

Designed for budget customers, Epson Expression XP-410 is the perfect all in one printer 2018 for office and home use. A handy 2.5-inch display makes it easy to preview your scans and copies. It is compact and well-built but delivers relatively low printing speeds.

10 Common Reasons Why Printers Jam

Just like traffic jams, print devices jams can be similarly annoying. These kinds of jams occur when the paper going through the printer goes awry. When the problem occurs some printers may ignore this problem and opt to soldier on while others may stop mid whereby some part of the paper remains trapped inside the tray. Different printers handle these issues differently while others may scream at you others may offer you some good guidance on how to clear this mess.  Sometimes this jamming may not be the printer’s fault actually these jams can be preventable via proper use and complete maintenance of your printer.

Areas which are prone to jams in a printer include some of the following-

The input area, this mainly occurs to those print devices which have a feeder on top that takes the paper in to be scanned. The system draws multiple pages thus causing some jam in the feeder. Always fan your papers before feeding them into the feeder also ensure that your papers are loaded in a nice stack.


Throughput area, basically this is where the show goes down. This area is riddled with much electrostatic energy and heat which is used to fuse toner particles onto fast moving pieces of paper. This, in turn, produces a print or copy on a laser device.

Output area-although rare jams can still occur here in the finishing area.

Top 10 reasons which can cause paper jamming in your printing device include the following:


Damaged paper

Papers that have curled corners or have some bents can cause serious jams on your printing device.

Incorrect loading

Your printer guide and your paper size should be in total rhyme. Therefore proper adjustment is necessary, if not adjusted properly the paper will go into the printer wrongly.

Overloading paper

A tray should never be overloaded if the amount in your tray goes beyond the designated amount your printer will always jam.

Dirty printer

Paper dust and ink accumulation inside your printer always result to paper jams. Always ensure that your printer is clean.

Use of faulty circuits to power your circuit

It is advisable to power your print device from a dedicated circuit as it will help your print system maintain a constant level of energy thus avoiding paper jams.

Use of the wrong tray

Modern trays tend to have specific trays for special media thus in case you use the wrong tray it might lead to jamming of your papers.

Stack up in the tray area, It is always advisable to keep the output tray clear to prevent stack up.


The irregular positioning of the sliding mechanism of your printer.

Mixed up sizes

Mixing the paper sizes can also lead to jamming.

Irregular dimensions

Use of irregular dimension papers can cause jamming.


Resetting Your Ink Cartridge Memory

Among the main problem that printer owners experience is the printer not recognizing a new ink or toner cartridge. This problem mainly occurs when changing or replacing an empty cartridge with a new one. Regardless of the brand of printer, you are using this problem tends to be universal for all printers.

Memory reset

Upon the installation of a new cartridge the printer should automatically recognize it, thus resetting its internal memory in turn, should display full ink and toner levels.  However, the printer just doesn’t do that as it may not have detected the current cartridge. In most cases a printer with such a kind of problem may show these messages:

  1. Toner is not compatible
  2. printer cartridge not detected or printer cannot detect ink
  3. it may show a low or empty level of ink and toner displayed on the desktop
  4. For an HP printer, it may display, ‘HP cartridges locked’ or Cartridge protection enabled
  5. Or it may show some flash warning lights on the printer’s display.


This can prove to be very frustrating since it not only stops you from printing but also can take much time if you don’t know what to do. However, by deleting the retained memory from the previous cartridge the printer is able to read the new one.

Below is a comprehensive procedure which can aid you in making your printer recognize the new cartridge.

Swap method

First, place the new/refilled ink cartridge into your printer for the purpose of recognition and make it print an alignment page. However, don’t worry if it still retains the memory of the previous cartridge and read the ink level it was before.


Remove the cartridge from the printer and replace it with an old one again, repeat the process.


It is worth noting that printers can retain the memory of 2 cartridges, this step should ‘trick’ the printer into forgetting the memory of the second one and recognizing the third one. Thus use two different ink cartridges for this purpose.


Reinstall the first /refilled cartridge and you will find that the printer now recognizes the new cartridge as full.


Tape method

Take your cartridge and tape over the left corner of the contact square later has it print an alignment page. Ignore any message about the printer having a problem.


Take the cartridge again this time however tape over the upper right corner put it back and make it print a second alignment page.


Finally, take it out and reinsert it but this time with no tape. Your printer will recognize the cartridge as full.


If the printer doesn’t still recognize the cartridge place the tape over the contact squares on the bottom of the cartridge and repeat the process.



3D Technology- The Good vs. The Bad

3D technology is here with us, with its immense ability this new technology has enabled anyone with access to some 3D printer and some good internet connection to summon anything they want into existence. Though 3D printing has always been there since 1984 it was never made available until early 2010. The technology better known as additive manufacturing is now within reach to both small and medium-sized business contrary to when it was reserved for the giant companies.

3D printing entails using a special printer to create some three-dimensional object from digital rendering where the successive layers of the material to be formed are laid down in different shapes. The process which has been useful in the fields of architecture, aerospace and even the automotive field tends to utilize foam, paper or sheet metal when printing.

For such a startling and amazing innovation the possibilities tend to be limitless, in its application this form of printing brings out both the good and bad side. Let’s look at some of them.

The good

With 3D printing one, there is faster manufacturing speed associated with it after the initial outlay. With 3D printing, a user is always able to design the object down to minute specifications.

Over the years the vast field of medicine has undergone some serious technological developments one of them being the art of 3D printing. With this technology, physicians can now manufacture customized body parts or organs via the replication of the human DNA. This, in turn, would solve the problem of organ donation.

3D printing is super eco-friendly. This is because this form of printing is referred to as additive manufacturing compared to the traditional subtractive manufacturing. When it comes to matters going green, 3D printing doesn’t require many systems or resources neither does it pollute the air.

The bad

Copyright infringement

3D printing has become more popular and less expensive; this often leads to people manufacturing objects whose designs belong to someone else. This will often to lead to more lawsuits in the chambers.

Fewer jobs

With 3D printing, it won’t be long before each and every household custom designing their own, be it shoes, clothes, and even household products. It may sound good, but what then happens to the industries and personnel who produce these services?

Unlawful /illegal items

Though most people would utilize 3D printing to enhance their lives there are those who tend to use this form of printing to manufacture illegal or harmful items for instance guns.


The modern 3D printers can only produce small products, though there is immense progress in making bigger machines, for now, we have to stick with small sized 3D printed objects.


Facts You Never Knew About Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured ink cartridges better known as recycled ink cartridges are those ink cartridges made out of new and recycled components. This is done by remanufacturers who collect the empty ink cartridges clean and refill them while also replacing any parts that are damaged or not working properly. This finally gives these cartridges a better chance of working properly when inserted into a printer.

In this field of remanufacturing ink cartridges so many concepts have been misunderstood. Many people in the printing business tend to know very little about this process. Here are some things you probably never knew about remanufactured ink cartridges.


Go green

Did you know that when you purchase remanufactured ink cartridges you help in reducing environmental impact via shunning off the disposal of unnecessary metals and plastics? This is because the remanufacturer reuses the complete cartridge, for nature lovers and those who opt to go green recycled cartridges are the absolute option.


Optimal performance

Many people tend to think that recycled ink cartridges are just old refilled cartridges which is not,  remanufacturers are very skilful when making these cartridges, they not only inspect each cartridge but they also repair the same. All microchips are replaced to ensure optimal performance of the cartridge while a test is run to ensure complete functionality before letting the product hit the shelves. Basically remanufactured cartridges are a lot better and more reliable than those customers refill themselves.


Customized ink

Contrary to the perception out there remanufacturing companies don’t reuse old ink and toner. This is because the ink and toner tend to be contaminated during the printing process, therefore, remanufacturers make their own ink which is tailored to that specific brand and printer. Printer ink is thus neither combined nor recycled.

Remanufactured ink cartridges tend to be of optimal performance. Lyra Research, Inc a Boston based research firm did some research where they concluded that almost 80% of the firms that switched to remanufactured cartridges found them to be of equal or better performance than original equipment manufacturer cartridges.


Remanufactured cartridges warranty issues

Basically, this tends to be a scare tactic, this is because using compatible ink cartridges cannot legally void your warranty. It is also of great importance to deal with reputable re-manufacturers who will provide you with a full warranty of your product. This can cater for any unusual circumstances.

Did you also know that, for instance, did you know that remanufactured ink cartridges are copyright protected and thus cannot be replicated by another manufacturer?


The best thing about remanufactured ink cartridge is that you can purchase from the comfort of your home. Inktoner store is committed to offering you the best deals online, visit our site today and get to see cutting-edge ink cartridges at some awesome prices.

DIY Flyers Printing Guideline For Businesses

Recent technological changes have affected every sphere of business including the field of marketing and advertisement. However, it remains very clear that flyers printing are still a great way to advertise your skill set or business. The truth is that consumers still want something tangible to look at and take around with them.

Flyers are effective because they have the capacity to communicate the brand message in a very concise yet powerful manner. Additionally, because flyers can contain whatever information that the brand wants to communicate, it really is up to the business or corporate organization to determine how the flyer will look and what it will represent.

Here is a simplified Do-It-Yourself Guideline on how to print flyers for businesses

When printing your flyers, you should try and keep in mind that your flyer will be the first impression that your clients will get regarding your brand. As such, you want to make sure that everything appears as professional as possible despite it being a DIY project. You should make sure that you pay close attention to the design and the content that you plan to use. Avoid printing flyers that contain a distorted appearance as it could end up harming your business instead of helping it.

There are many different designs for flyers but the most important ones are:

  • Cut-Out Flyers (which are used most commonly for events).
  • One-page Premium Flyers
  • Three-Fold Business Flyers

If you are going to attempt DIY flyer printing at home, here are some tips to help you with each type of flyer:

Cut-Out Flyer Designs

If you are new to the design process, it can be very difficult trying to determine how your flyer design for your event will look like. Your flyer will stand out thanks to a clear focal point, which is what will help to draw the viewer to your design. When designing your flyer, you should also use relevant imagery that will help your target customer to understand immediately what you are trying to communicate.

The use of appropriate fonts is also vital because typography will determine the final layout of your flyer. You must pick a typeface that matches the general style and objective of your final design. Although you definitely want the flyer to stand out, you must also make sure that the overall design is elegant on its own. The text must be kept to a minimum to prevent the flyer from looking bulky and all the elements must be spaced generously for a clean final look.

You can also play with patterns if you are looking to make a strong visual statement so including them in clever ways into your design will help to get more people interested in your flyer.

One-page Premium Flyers

There are some great one-page premium flyer ideas that can definitely allow your flyer to stand out and reach your target demographics. To get you started, here are some one-page premium flyer ideas:

Restaurant menu

You can emulate a restaurant menu and customize the design into a flyer. You can make a simplified version of your restaurant menu for you to place at the door or for distributing out in the streets. Such a flyer for your café or restaurant will be a handy reminder for your guests to return and it is the perfect way to advertise your tantalizing meals.

Real estate flyer

Your real estate flyer should have a professional purpose so that it can showcase what is available in the market. You should have multiple places to position your photos whether you want to display a single property made up of photos of different rooms of multiple properties. Your contact details should be situated at the bottom so that interested parties can contact you.

A horizontal business layout

A horizontal layout that is neatly divided into several segments can use shapes and patterns to create visual interest. You can also incorporate photo frames to showcase the components that your business has to offer. If you want, you can also divide your flyer so that the upper half is dedicated to detailed and rich photography while the second should be saved for a bold copy.

Printing Three-Fold Business Flyers

A well-designed tri-fold brochure or pamphlet is an extremely valuable marketing tool for any contemporary business that wants to succeed. A tri-fold brochure should be designed to integrate relevant information about your products or services. A flyer also guarantees that your customers will have quick access to significant details about what your business is about. To make your printing three-fold business flyer work ensure that:

Make the panel stand out: The panel should read like a billboard and it should make your customer want to learn more about your business, as well as some of the services on offer.

Try not to over clutter: Your three-panel brochure should be informational but not cluttered as it could be overwhelming. Limit the word count to 500 words or less if you can and if the information is too much consider creating multiple brochures that address different products.

Include visuals: a threefold brochure can look quite empty and boring if it is primarily filled with blocks of text. Too many lines of information can seem unfriendly but that can all be turned around with the use of pertinent images and graphics or infographics that can draw the public’s attention. If your brochure contains too much information, remember to use color blocks or stylized bullets to make reading easy.

The Best Marketing Strategy Using Flyers

Once you complete your DIY flyer printing, the next natural step is to distribute your flyers. Flyer distribution works but it must be done effectively for it to have a lasting impact. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for using flyers:

Make the message very clear at first glance: Your flyer should have a strong and immediate message that is conveyed creatively. The imaging that you use must be captivating, strong and convincing.

Maximize the design: The public has seconds of distracted attention to check out your message so you should ensure that you maximize your design to reach as many people as possible.

Focus on the customer and not the brand:

Your flyer should demonstrate to the customer that your business is willing to do anything to ensure their happiness and success. As such, when designing your flyer ensure that you add that one sentence or thing that will convince them that your business will save their lives.