Best Printer Apps that are perfect for iPhone and Android

Today, the use of smartphones has made our lives a lot easier and comfortable aside from fast communication; the apps that can be installed are also a useful tool that is loved and enjoyed by many. From the instant messaging app, maps, social media apps anything you could imagine is now downloadable. Thanks to the genius minds of the app developer that brings innovation! Almost everything can be reached by a single click.

Now, there are best printer apps that can make your printing experience more convenient. Unlike if you go to the days where you need to power on your computer, scan, and fax or edit your document and print them all the way out. These days, you can install one of the best scanner apps perfect for your Android and directly you can use the printer apps for Android to print out your documents out in excellent quality.

We test the best printer apps and we did not encounter any problem with using them. However, you need to learn how the apps actually work to enjoy the most out of it. After learning everything, it will be easier in your end. 

If you are a student, having these printer apps are a must in your learning kit. You can use them if your library or school has a printer; it can make your research fast and easy. For sure you’ll enjoy printing out your assignments, notes and even school projects. Same as for office use, you can print anytime anywhere a PDF file, reports, email attachments, digital contents or webpage without leaving your seat.

Note: A point to remember here is that several first-party apps will only work with particular printers, Usually; the compatibility list is mentioned on the app description or the main website. It is imperative that you have research and read them first to avoid any inconvenience. If one app is not compatible with your printer, you can try another one to test if it works. The apps listed below are not ranked in any specific order because essentially they perform the same function which is to print out stuff.

Mobile Printing Made Easy


Epson iPrint- iPhone/Android

If you are looking for a sophisticated printer app for iPhone or Android, then Epson iPrint is what you might be looking for. If you install it, you’ll find a Metro design greet containing many options for printing. The app lets you direct printing coming from saved documents, or online storage from your smartphone. It also allows you to scan documents that are within the app and print them out directly within a few seconds. 

It will enable you to print anything that you’ve already saved on the microSD card or from the gallery, Google Drive, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Chrome, and much more practically easy and effortless. First, you need to choose the photo, document, or attachment for printing, and then the app will bring you to the preview window, wherein you can fine-tune the size and modify the settings of the print. All the way through the app you’ll discover that the developers have ensured to implement instinctive controls and easily comprehensible user interface fundamentals. You can use your mobile camera to scan high-quality photos, preview, edit if needed and save them as JPEG or PDF.

Brother iPrint and Scan- iPhone/Android

Brother iPrint&Scan can do both, scanning and printing (as what the apps are saying) with no difficulty. This is a combination of a printer and scanner which makes the app unique because mostly in the office you will need a scanner and printer to scan any image and another document then print them immediately. You’ll appreciate the features to be handy. The app enables you to connect to your local wireless network to connect your Android or iPhone to the Brother printer or all in one.

Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY by Canon Inc- iPhone/Android

This app can allow you to print directly your documents and images right from your device via the canon printer. You can effortlessly print Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint slides, excel, and any other files attached to photos. You can also print messages, bills, invoices, web pages, and many more easily.

Samsung Print Mobile by HP Inc- Android

Through this useful app, you can print any file, images, and documents directly to a Samsung printer. Also, this app lets you print, fax, and scan wirelessly using your Android phone and any devices like tablets and almost another supported device to any Samsung laser printer. This helpful printer, you can simply print any image format which may be PNG, GIF, JPG and can also allow you to print agenda, web pages and any other digital content, emails, and attachments, contacts straight from a device memory card or cloud storage.

Cloud Print by Google LLC- Android

The app lets you print from anywhere from any smartphone or Android device. This app allows you to print any files, pictures or any document straight from a cloud service like Facebook DropBox, Google Drive, Box, one drive and other Cloud storage applications through sharing action. However, before you can thoroughly use the app there is an additional process you need to do. It requires configuring your printer by following the given link in the description and after that, you are all set to roll.

Printer Pro- iPhone

Printer Pro is one of the best printer apps for the iPhone 2020. With the help of any wifi printer, this app will print pictures and files directly from your iPhone. This can print Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint Excel, and many other documents with attached pictures.


Through the help of innovation and modern technology, the printing apps provide a great service to those who don’t have easy access to a computer to attend all the printing needs. Regardless of the brand of your printer, here at, we provide a wide selection of the highest quality of printer needs like toner, ink, and supplies at a very satisfactory price. Visit!