Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Printer: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Often, our desk area gets bogged down with a tangle of cords for our computers, printers, and other business needs at the office.  At home there may be multiple family members sharing a printer, all having to plug in their devices when they need to print.  Thankfully, today there are numerous choices when it comes to wireless printing. Say goodbye to the pile of cords and find one that fits your needs choosing from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.



When choosing your wireless printer, take into consideration the distance you will be printing from.  Bluetooth options work well printing from a short distance.  The reason for this is the lower power exuded from the participating network.  You also need to check with you computer before choosing this option to see if it is Bluetooth compatible.  Not all computers come with this option.  There are, however, budget friendly adapters available.  If you spend most of the day printing from your desk, or don’t mind doing all of your printing from one spot, then this is an adequate option for you.

Wi-Fi printers work with whatever network you have employed in your office or home.  This significantly increases range of service.  You will be able to print from most rooms in your house.  There are some distance requirements, but they are quite liberal.  In an office setting this can be very convenient.  Employees can print from different stations without having to crowd the printer.  This can also alleviate the need for multiple printers.  To accomplish this, however, a router will need to be purchased and set up to work with your chosen printer.  Wi-Fi can make home and office more convenient with its capability to support multiple users from different locations.

Compatibility and USB Printers

As mentioned, there is sometimes the need for an adapter to set up a device to be Bluetooth compatible.  Also mentioned, was the need for a router in Wi-Fi situations.  There is also a way to make your previously USB printer compatible with wireless printing.  This is a great option for those who are happy with their printer and are only replacing it to accomplish wireless printing ability.  The solution to this is the brilliant print server converter.  For well under 100 dollars you can accomplish the task of wireless printing without blowing your budget on a new printer.  Be sure to look into the setup requirements for each type of wireless connection before you make your final decision.  Bluetooth is somewhat less complicated, while the extra distance may be worth the trouble when considering Wi-Fi.

Wireless printing is one of the most convenient additions to office and home printing needs.  With the increased use of laptops, individuals have become accustomed to a cord free workspace.  Wireless printing increases printer accessibility to groups of people without having to be physically close to the printer.  Thanks to these options, money can be saved eliminating the need for multiple printers.  Research Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options to make an informed decision on you wireless printer needs.