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Facts about Ink and Toners That You Probably Don’t Know

You probably never give much thought to your printer ink and toners. What you generally care about is that you have the right printer ink and toners and that they are working properly. But printer ink and toners have some very interesting facts that you probably are not aware of. Here are some facts that you probably do not know about printer ink and toners. Continue reading

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Printer Ink and Toners Online

Printers ink and toners are very necessary items for the printing system. When you want to purchase supplies for your printer, you must be sure that you get items that are appropriate and ill work harmoniously with your printing system. You must make sure you buy the correct printer ink and toner or you will not be able to use it for your printing. Printer ink and toners are reasonably priced and are biodegradable or environmentally safe and can be found from various companies. You will thus have a wide range to choose from. Continue reading

How Do They Remanufacture Ink & Toner Cartridges

In today’s business or home office, toner and ink cartridges can be an immense recurrent expense. If you own an inkjet or a laser printer, and you want to save, going for OEM (original manufacturer brand) cartridges will not cut it. Beside OEM cartridges, you have other options like third-party generics and refills.

Compatible (generic) brands have notable for bad reputation while refilled ones are messy, and pose high failure rate. News flash: there is another option that is poised to save you tons of cash: Re-manufactured Cartridge. Continue reading

Tips On What To Do With Used Printer Cartridges That Can’t Be Recycled

Being an environmental freak, recycling is my life. Most of my time I spend trying to figure out ways I can give back to mother nature for her kindness. So far I have come across a stumbling block that keeps me wondering; what can I do with my printing cartridges that are non-recyclable?

Well, this is a general problem not only faced by the giant printing companies but also you the simple home user. Wish these cartridges were like regular disposable garbage where you just throw away in the trash can for the garage track to pick up later. Printer cartridges can be a pain in the but when it comes to disposal. Continue reading

Know the Difference between Original and Compatible Cartridges

When it comes to shopping for printers most inkjet shoppers work with the default, yet horribly simplistic knowledge that original cartridges are more expensive than compatible cartridges.


In the same vein, they also believe that compatible cartridges will spoil their printers. Obviously, there is a bit of truth in some of these statements. Even then the difference between compatible and original cartridges are far more complex and varied than is common knowledge. Continue reading

Tips on How to Save your Ink and Toner Consumption


Saving ink and toner is both a cost-cutting and an eco-friendly decision. There are a number of ways in which a frequent toner ink user can lower or significantly reduce their toner or ink usage, besides ensuring economical and prudent use of ink:

Using DRAFT Mode on Your Inkjet Printer. When you select the ‘normal’ mode the printer makes multiple passage and coating of ink on bolder characters. Meanwhile, in draft mode it makes a single pass and moves on to the next line. This creates a less bold print which will still be acceptable for a printout version. You can always reset between the draft mode and the normal/best mode if you need the boldest touch. Continue reading

Think Green: Start recycling your empty ink cartridges and toners


Every year, thousands, if not millions, of empty toner and ink cartridges are thrown in the trash. Carelessly throwing these cartridges can be harmful to the environment.  Most people are recycling; however, not many are doing it. It’s time to put awareness; it’s time to think green.

Recycling is easy; it is profitable and beneficial to the environment since it helps reduce solid waste. It reduces usage of raw materials, energy, and air and water pollution. Most of these cartridges are recycled up to six times and resold to customers.

Continue reading

Things About Cheap Toner Cartridges You Should Know

file0001389086248Cheap does not always equal to low quality. All you need to do is to perform a careful inspection on the different products, ensuring that what you purchase is useful and worthy. When talking about toner cartridges, ink cartridges as well as printer toners, it is not really necessary to select the brands, which are very expensive. Even though there are brands out that that have already been tried and tested through the years to produce high-quality results in printing, it is still possible to come up with good quality prints with the use of cheap toner cartridges. Continue reading

Are You Using All the Benefits from Cheap Printer Supplies?

The cost of toners, inks, printer cartridges, and other printer supplies can be expensive. The good news is that there are vendors that offer cheap printer supplies. You can buy all sorts of printer consumables at a reduced price. They provide discounts, codes and coupons all items connected with printing. They offer supplies for all major printing companies that include Canon, Apple, Brother, HP, Dell, Kodak, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, IBM, Lexmark, Epson, and a lot more.


Printers are vital equipment in offices and homes. There comes a time when family members needed to print out something with the printer. It could be a recipe, document needed for work, or a school project. There are printers with built-in scanner that can be used to copy documents. And when you have been using the printer, you will notice that the cost of printer supplies can be very expensive. You should consider looking for cheap printer supplies to reduce the costs. Continue reading

Where Is A Good Place For Ink Toner Recycling In Your Area

Printer ink toner cartridges can be re-used only a couple of times before they give out completely. While it is a good idea to get the cartridge re-filled, what to do with it once it has completely won out, is the question. In such cases, ink toner cartridge recycling seems like a good option. Almost all of the major cartridge manufacturing companies have started recycling campaigns. These companies encourage their customers to send their used ink toner cartridges to them so that they can recycle those used cartridges. There has been great debate however, over the speculation that whether these big companies actually recycle the used cartridges or simply refurbish and resell them. This is why people have been hesitant to send back their used cartridges for ink toner recycling.


A Simple Solution to Ink Toner Recycling Problems

Currently, there are many charities working for ink toner recycling that use all the generated revenue in helping the needy. Some of the prominent ones include school charities that accept used ink cartridges from the citizens and raise funds for the children via ink toner recycling. Similarly, there are other charities that use ink toner recycling to raise funds for war veterans.

The advantage of sending uses cartridges to such charities is that you can rest assured that these will in fact not be refurbished in order to be sold again and all the profit from ink toner recycling would go out to help those in need. So, not only would you be helping make the earth a better place, you would be generating some money for the deprived at the same time. Continue reading