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Printers To Look Forward In 2018

Cloud documents may be the future, but paper printing is still very much a necessity in offices and homes. There is still a very big crowd who feel better signing on the dotted line on hardcopy. Printers have become better and 2018 is bound to see printer technology get even better. All-in-one printers have become the top pick for many people for their versatility, and have become cheaper. Printer prices have gradually come down and this trend is expected to hold. What printers are expected to be favorites in 2018?

Epson Expression XP-640- Best for photos

The 640 is an inkjet that can print high gloss photos as well as scan and copy typical documents. It comes with 5 cartridges holding yellow, cyan, magenta, black dye and black pigment. The 640 will print well-saturated photos on both plain and glossy paper. The printing speeds for photos are also impressive at almost twice those of other inkjets.

Canon Imageclass MF217W- Best laser printer

Few printers can match the budget advantages of this printer. It is suitable for small and medium business offices with relatively high volumes to print. It is monochrome, which is good enough for business documents. Both scan and print speeds are impressive. It will connect over wifi, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

Brother MFC-J985DW- Best volume printer

For an office with high volumes to print, the 985 offers both grayscale and color printing at impressive budgets. This inkjet will easily print 2.400 pages of black and white from a single black cartridge, and 1,200 color pages from the 3 color cartridges. It has an added fax feature on top of the copy, scan and print functions. It will connect to Bluetooth, wifi, LAN, and NFC (Near Field Communication) gadgets.

HP Envy 4520- Best for home office

The 4520 is versatile enough for any home printing needs. This inkjet comes with a 2-inch LCD panel for easy operation and will print directly from a USB flash stick. It prints both color and black and white at impressive speeds. The Insta Ink feature allows up to 50% saving when printing black and white.

Epson WF-2760- Best priced inkjet

While there are cheaper inkjets than the 2760, it offers duplex printing and automatic paper feeding, which are not seen in the competition at that price. The low price is offered without affecting print quality as the 2760 will print high-quality color and black and white documents. It will connect to LAN, Bluetooth, and USB.

What are your printing needs and which printer would you pick from the above choices?

Top 5 Best Reviewed Printers of 2017

Printer technology does not differ much, but it is still tricky to name one printer as better over another in an apple to apple comparison. This is because ink cartridge printers and laser printers differ. Within these two kinds of printers, are printers suited for different functions; some are good for printing photos, some are good for text. There is also the issue of features. Standard multi-function printers today combine printing, copying, and scanning. Which can be said to be the best printers of 2017 with these considerations in mind?

Brother MFC-J470DW

This inkjet printer has been dubbed the best printer under $200 for a home office. It has a scanner, copier, and printer. The J470 boasts cloud connectivity with Apple’s AirPrint and Google Chrome connectivity. Some of the features that make it friendly and easy to use include auto document feeder and an auto-duplexer.

HP Deskjet 3620

This is inkjet printer continues in the popular Deskjet line from HP. This printer is compact but very functional. It can copy, scan and print. It also comes with standard USB connectivity for easy connection to desktops and laptops. There is wireless connectivity over wifi. The 3630 is robust enough to print both text and photos. With an RRP of around $40, this is a really cheap printer that does the bare minimum.

Canon Pixma MG5620

This is an all-in-one inkjet printer meaning it can scan, copy and print. The MG5620 has made a name for itself for high-quality photo prints at fast speeds. It has wireless connectivity and can connect to smartphones and tabs. Printing is easy to setup including double-sided printing with the auto-duplexing feature. This printer is compact enough for a small office, measuring 18 inches wide, 14.6 inches deep, and 5.9 inches tall.

Epson XP-430

This printer has been dubbed the ‘small one’ because of its compact size measuring 15.4″ x 20.8″ x 11.0″ (39.1 x 52.8 x 28 cm). This home grade printer is unmatched it its photo quality printing. It has 4 ink tanks that hold black, cyan, magenta, and yellow for full-color printing. The connectivity options in this printer are also unmatched in a printer of its size and price. It connects to USB 2.0, wifi and cloud services AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Brother HL-2360DW

This printer makes the cut for its affordability in operation. It is a laser printer for text only printing. It is suitable for a small or medium office with its fast printing speeds. The versatility in connectivity makes it easy for a suitable environment as it can print over wireless and also connect to cloud services. The biggest advantage is the cheap cost of the toner.

Ultimately, when buying a printer, you need one that matches your needs in the type of printing you are doing, size, and price of maintenance.

5 Tips On How To Care For Your Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are some of the costlier consumables in an office. This cost can even go higher if ink cartridges have to be replaced more frequently than usual because of damage. Faulty ink cartridges can be damaging to the printer and incur more costs. The good thing is that ink cartridges are relatively easy to take care of. You can get longer and more efficient printing service from your ink cartridges with a few care tips.

Before installation

Before installing a cartridge inspect it for damage. Check if the plastic pull tab or clip (older models) was properly secured before shaking the cartridge. This is to prime the ink. You can also tap the cartridge a few times to achieve the same effect.

Inspect the gold contact chip for any scratches, dust or any other impurities on it. This is the point which provides data about the cartridge. Damaging this contact can cause the printer to sense incorrect ink levels.


Different printers have different procedures for ink cartridge installation. It is important to follow the printer’s manual. If a manual is not available, search for instruction videos on YouTube. The ink cartridge should fit in smoothly and easy. Forcing the ink cartridge in can damage the cartridge’s contact point, or dislodge the printer head.

It should also be easy to remove an ink cartridge when changing or inspecting it. Switch off the printer and let the printer head return to its resting position before removing it. Take it off gently to avoid dislodging printer components.

Ink levels

Modern printers have sensors to help monitor ink levels and will show a warning light when the level is low. Other signs of low ink levels would be patchy printing, blank prints, and streaking. The printer can sometimes erroneously show low ink levels if the printer has not been used for some time. This can be rectified by repriming the cartridge. A simple wipe of the print head is often all that is needed for the ink to flow again.

Storing ink cartridges

New ink cartridges that are not in use should be left in their airtight seals. This is to prevent drying out. This also keeps the nozzle from damage, which can make ink dribble out.  Leaving the ink carded exposed can also lead to crusting on the nozzle.

Upright position

Always store ink cartridges in an upright position with the nozzle in the upper position.

If you are storing a partially used ink cartridge, ensure to place the nozzle in an airtight space. This could be a polythene paper that is tightly wrapped with duct tape.

Caring for your ink cartridges is fairly simple and saves you good money in the long run. Follow the tips above for longer lasting cartridges.

10 Winter Printable Decoration Ideas

The season of cheer is here and with lots of snow. Of course, the Christmas festivities are the highlight of the winter season. Printable decoration ideas are one way of adding cheer to your home in an affordable and fun way. This can be simply done while involving everyone in the family including small kids. What are some winter printable decoration ideas to try this year?

Customizable menu

There will be lots of food and drink during this season, why not play pretend that your home is a 5-star facility serving 3-course dinners? Do this with a beautifully made customizable menu. You can easily do it with a downloadable font and design it with Adobe suite. Better yet, have the guests enter their orders and print them directly and instantly.

Tree placards

You have the real tree beautifully decorated and standing in the corner. Add a variety by making tree paper placards with your guests’ names on them. Place a placard at each guest’s place on the table just like they would have name placards in a conference, only this time it is more fun and colorful.

Thank you cards

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Do it with gratitude printables. These are commonly seen during Thanksgiving but they are also brilliant for Christmas season. These cards will remind everyone of who really matters during the sad and happy times in life.

Christmas banners

Printable banners are easy to make and are very versatile decorative items. They can be hung above the sideboard where you will set the buffet. You can also string them across the mantel and hang more on the front door as colorful welcome.

Printable food mats

This is a bit tricky to pull off but you can do it with glossy photo paper. Download and print your favorite designs for a colorful Christmas table.

Printable treat bags

Your guests have come, eaten and drank to their fill. Send them on the way home with a treat bags. These can be easily made using normal small grocery bags printed with merry and bright tags.

Winter monograms

Make fancy printer wreaths on store-bought card paper. A wreath design encircling your guests’ name initials is a very personalized touch that they will remember for a long time.

Winter bucket list

There is so much to do and see during the Christmas holidays. Why not make a printable decorative bucket list that you can stick on the fridge door for everyone to see? Fun items to tick off would include ‘Make Fudge,’ or ‘Bake cookies’ and whatever else you think would be fun.

Winter bookmark gifts

If you are having kid guests who love books, interest them with coloring printable bookmarks that they can work on as they enjoy their favorite reads.

Printable ‘Merry Christmas’

It is the season for cheer so announce it loudly with a big ‘Merry Christmas’ banner that you can put together from several printed papers.

Inkjet Printer vs. Laser Printer

When choosing a home printer sometimes we are likely torn between buying an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

Here are the things to consider in order to come up with the best buying decision.


Initial cost is not much of a difference. You can almost purchase either printer at the same price. Although, the price may vary depending on the model. Nonetheless, if you are on a budget you can choose a printer that will suit you. Take this as an example for HP – LaserJet Pro MFP M130nw Wireless Black-and-White All-In-One Printer, it only cost around $149.99, while Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer is at $119.99.

Printing Quality

Laser printers can print faster than inkjet printers if you are the type who would more likely go for efficient use. However, if your purpose is to print onto different types of paper, be it photo paper or ordinary ones, the Inkjet printer is the go-to printer.

Maintenance Cost

To properly maintain your printers, there are several things that you need to allocate your budget for. Commonly, the paper and ink do not cost as much as a cent per page.

It’s easy to compute because you only need to divide the number of pages your ink can produce.



How to Print From Your Android Phones

Google has created just about everything and if you are an Android user, printing from your Android phones is no brainer. But to those who are new, you probably may have just heard of Google Cloud Print.

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print (GCP) is a service which allows Android mobile phone users to print from their devices. It also allows users to easily discover printers and print from their Web-connected mobile phones without the need for complex printer setup and driver installation.

We have compiled a complete rundown how to setup your Google Cloud Print so you can print easily from your Android mobile phones.

Check if your printer is compatible with cloud-printing
  1. Check your printer details manually or
  2. Go to Google’s cloud printer page
  3. Choose your printer details
  4. If it has a v2 next to it that means it’s cloud ready
  5. If not, it is not cloud-ready but you may set it up with Google Cloud Print if it supports wireless connection.
Link your printer to Google Cloud Print
  1. Make sure that you are first connected to a Wifi.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. On your PC or Mac, open your system settings and go to the printing section.
  4. If your printer has been added, open your Chrome browser.
  5. Click the icon at the top right that looks like a dotted line.
  6. Select Settings and Click Advanced.
  7. Click Google Cloud Print under Printing
  8. Click Manage Cloud Printer devices and select the printer you want to add.
Printing with Google Cloud Print

You may now start printing from a page or file using your Chrome browser. Just go to File>Print and click Change to choose Google Cloud Printer.

5 Must Know Printer Tips

Remember those days when you still thought of buying a printer? Those were the times when you were once so eager to get your hands on the device. Then, the excitement wears off, and you don’t even bother to look at your printer until it runs out of ink.

Some say printers are disposable electronic devices. So others don’t really mind if their printers don’t work. It’s just a matter of getting a new one. It is so wrong to think of it that way. You can avoid repairs or buy a new one altogether with the proper care and maintenance.

Here are five things you need to keep in mind to extend your printers lifespan.


1. Monitor your ink

It’s a common notion that ink running out or completely emptied is just a usual encounter.

But most often than not, ink doesn’t print because their nozzles are clogged. This is an unpleasant fact of inkjet printers. This is commonly caused by the temperature of the area. Low humidity is one of the factors which cause clogging nozzles. You can avoid this by installing a humidifier in the area where your printer is.

2. Be mindful of the print order

Most inkjet printers print face up which means it prints out the first pages and the last page appears first in the stack. As a result, you need to re-order them.

You can check out the default settings of your printer if you want to reverse the order. This will likely place the first page at the top of the stack, and print the last page first.

3.Check the printer queue

Before hitting the print button on your printer software make sure you have a clear queue. This the reason why printing does not run smoothly because of long queues.

You can click on the dialog box of your printer program and when there appears a queue, you can cancel it if they are just a duplicate of an earlier printout.

4. Keep the proper settings

Instances, where too many printer software installed on your computer, is not new. Always check the default printer from the Settings menu and set your new printer as default.

You can also check the fit scale setting if you want to customize the appearance of your print out. It is in the settings where you can

5. Choose the right paper

Paper is the ultimate test. This is what makes all the difference. When you are printing a document it would look different when using a photo paper or a photo paper for printing a document, and vice versa. What this means is that you need to use the right kind of paper bearing in mind the purpose of printing in the first place.

The Ease Of Wireless Printers

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

We all know how technology has evolved over the years. We have witnessed how the thing of the past has slowly diminished. Giant computer machines have turned into different hybrids, shrinking into more than half of what it was then. Wired phones evolved to becoming handheld devices with high powered touch functionality and wireless technology.

Today, wireless devices are everywhere, from your mobile phones to your cameras, laptops and of course printers.

Back then I used to complain to my mom that we need to buy a computer table with the printer rack built in it. The downside to it is that you can just imagine the pain of putting up all the electronic devices you need in one stand or table.

One of the most important thing to me is connecting your printer to your computer and it was never easy then.

Good thing is that we now have Bluetooth printers available. As a matter of fact, it was opened to the market for the past decade, however not until very recently in the last five years that wireless printers have really become commonplace in our homes.

Latest Wi-Fi printers now support mobile printing, isn’t that perfect? And what’s even better is that printers are advancing together with other devices.

Printer companies have introduced the peer to peer connection with Wi-Fi direct. Wi-Fi direct technology simplifies wireless connectivity. According to “Wi-Fi Direct device connections can happen anywhere, anytime – even when there is not access to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Direct devices emit a signal to other devices in the area, letting them know a connection can be made.”

Excited to have your own wireless printers?

How To Choose The Right Photo Paper

Not all photo papers are created equal. Most often than not, a great photo is a result of the printing quality and the type of photo paper used.

Most often than not, we fail to look at the effect of photo paper on printing, which affects the vividness of color, the texture or photo surface.

There are several types of photo paper which you can consider when you choosing.


This the most common photo paper widely used. The degree of glossiness is from normal to high glossy.

You may consider using a glossy paper if you want to accentuate the smallest details of the photo. The only challenge is the glaring view from certain angles.


This type of paper is the exact opposite of glossy. This is the best pick if you want zero glossiness. However, the photo could look cheap because of the lack of finish. This is a better option and is commonly used as marketing materials such as flyers, brochures or pamphlets.


This kind of paper represents a type of Satin finish with a textured feel. There are several finish options when going for this kind of paper. There are types that contain a low level of glare which a glossy paper has. It neither contains zero glossiness like a matte finish. It has a soft glow which produces a vivid color and quality may vary depending on the brand quality.


This a neutral type of paper that is in between the glossy and matte finish. It is nowhere near the glossiness of a glossy paper but has a little bit of level of glossiness ranging from a semi-glossy to a toned down glossiness. If you like to print bright colors, this is the best paper to try out because of its effect on printing. It has a lower reflection and makes a photo feel and look like a more traditional photo.

Overall, you need to determine the purpose for printing or how you would like a photo to look like and perhaps how you want your printing to appear to your viewers.



Printing Your Photos Like A Pro

Memories last but some photos don’t. So what should be done to save what is left of your old family photo and print new ones with lasting quality?

Well, I think it’s about time to reprint those old photos with your inkjet printer at home.

The thing is, people just seem to think that printing anew is a quick and easy fix, but there are things to follow to achieve that nice looking photo.

The Rule

Refrain from downsizing your photos. This rule is the golden rule of printing photos.


Photo applications like Adobe Photoshop have the ability to resize photos. So what happens is if you want a 6” x 4” sized photo, and it has a larger size, what you usually do is change the aspect ratio and resample your photo.

For example, your photo is an 8”x 11” at a 1200 x 620 pixels and after resizing it, will take it further down to a 432 x 324 pixels. You can expect that the result is not going to turn out well because the program logically tells you that I am dividing the pixels to come out with a different size apart from the original. Ooopps that is just so wrong!


Remember to check your printer and what type of model you have. Go ahead and review the features or check the manual. If your printer came with a printing software which is mostly the case. If so, that is the best software to use.

On the other hand, if your printer does not have a printing software designed for home printing, check out the latest home printing software. Arcsoft’s is a good example of home printing imaging software.

What To Remember

Remember that great photos are a result of a good photographic quality which can only be achieved by your printer’s conversion process. How that process of printing is delivered to your photo paper also makes a difference. But overall it is the printer that matters.

When buying a printer, you need to check out the features and most importantly search for the product review.