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Color Ink vs. Black-and-White Printing Cost Analysis

Today’s continuous advancement in digital technologies is benefiting businesses quite significantly. However, printing remains among the top costliest activities in the daily running of any business that involves printing. Collaboration tools and document management systems are some of the technologies that have advanced printing but have not stopped the use of paper and ink, which are quite expensive.  The more a business prints or copies, the higher the number of times it has to replace the ink its machines are using. The same goes for paper supplies. No wonder many businesses are looking for a way to cut down their printing costs by choosing between black-and-white and color printing. How true is the perception that color printing costs more?

  1. Color Printing, Copying, and the Printing Cost

The widely held perception that color ink is more expensive than black ink is quite obvious.  Nevertheless, the cost of any ink depends on the brand of that ink, paper, and machine involved. So, the costs of color ink compared to black-and-white is not always the same. It’s only a myth that color ink is straightforward, more expensive. The best way to choose a color is to evaluate your objectives and the outcome you want and compare the costs each ink color will incur.

If you just make a quick tour of the online market, you will discover that ink cartridge prices vary broadly. From between $20 and $100, you can buy a color ink cartridge for replacement. However, a replacement black ink cartridge ranges from $5 to $50. But, all these costs depend on the brands or models of the inkjet and laser printers you choose since they come with ink colors that vary widely in costs.  The cost of an average page of a black-and-white copy is about 5 cents. For a color copy of the same level, the costs range between 10 and 15 cents. However, the machine brand and type of ink you’re using determine the costs of your printing, which can vary quite significantly.

Since the quality of your color ink and printer determine the cost of your printing, it implies, that people with the best quality ink and superior quality printers incur significantly high costs for the color ink they use. A difference that is twice or even thrice the cost of black ink. However, note that if you choose to go for an average color printer, then it won’t be too expensive compared to a black one. They may be separated by only cents in terms of the cost difference.

2. Making the Most of Your Printer

What raises the cost seems to be the ink, but actually, it is something else. It is the brand and model of your printer that is responsible for that high cost of running the printer. The cost of printing varies considerably per page, and that’s what you must evaluate thoroughly when buying a printer. Buying a printer from the market is one thing, and maintaining it, plus buying supplies is another. Take, for instance, the cost and machine needed in printing booklets and other materials compared to the needs of a small printing business that operates with a small desktop printer.

The important question now is; which is the best printer in the market to buy? A multifunction printer (MFP) gives your business the value it deserves. It prints at a low cost, and when it is a color page, it costs around 5 cents and 1 cent for a black page in the long run. A business that is prone to color printing cost should purchase nothing but an MFP because that will be a smart business decision in terms of affordability. Large models are there for enterprises with large workgroups as well as small ones for in-home businesses that print irregularly. It is how often you will be printing and your printing needs that should determine the type of printer you should choose.

3. Laser vs. inkjet Printing Cost

A laser copier is more expensive and yet superior when it comes to convenience and efficiency. So, if you consider sacrificing more cash for efficiency, then be ready to pay even double or triple for a laser printer, unlike an inkjet. Its replacement cartridges are also more expensive, and the printing rates are higher too though you will not have to replace the cartridges as often as if it were an inkjet copier.  A laser is the best printer for big enterprises looking to do huge volumes of quality works daily.

4. Are You Focused More on Saving Money?: Printing Cost

Your focus may be more about saving as much money as possible. If that is your number one priority, don’t hesitate to go for an MFP which can accommodate all your printing needs. Also, only change your cartridges when it is absolutely necessary. Make sure you stay away from brand ink when you replace ink cartridges. Go for compatible generic ink. With time, all these strategies can help you significantly to save money. The bottom line is to invest in a good quality printer or copier since good printers make the cost of any color or black ink much less in the long run.

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