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Get the Most Out Of Your Printer by Trying These Family Projects during Quarantine

The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has already made a drastic change and negative global impact on many sectors of the economy. 

Many are now doing self-quarantine due to the threats and risks it may be brought to the health of every individual as it’s strictly implemented to stay at home to prevent transmission and getting infected.

Suspension of classes, working from home, wearing masks, and social distancing- these are now considered as the new normal today.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 310 million Americans self-isolates to avoid the deadly virus. Aside from not getting sick during the pandemic, another challenge while staying at home is how to beat the boredom, especially when you have your little ones with you during the quarantine. For sure, most of the time, they want to go outside to play or find some entertainment.

However, quarantine is not a bad idea as you can spend quality time with your family.

The Role of Technology

Today, technology plays a very vital role, at the very least, it enables people to work from home, socialize through different social media, and learn and discover. Also, it keeps people entertained regardless if you are streaming videos, updating your social media accounts, watching movies, playing online games, installing apps, and many more.

A high-technology device can sometimes create low-tech and enjoyable activities while the users are under quarantine, especially today. An example of this is your printer at home. You may often appreciate this device as an office tool or for project purposes until you discover some printable ideas on the internet, and the fun goes on.

There are many ways that the printer can become a magic box to keep your little ones and young at heart entertained by printing activities, crafts, and fun games. Another good thing about it is that it won’t cost you anything aside from paper and ink.

Here are some cool ideas to try on.

Coloring Books

The internet offers the countless number of coloring pages ready to print out including many printable inclined to Bible characters, holidays, licensed characters like Disney princesses and adult coloring books to help relieve the stress perfect for Mom and Dad.

For example, Crayola has many printable options for free. You may browse them to check by typing a keyword in the search box like “plants and animals” or “places”.

A printer like Epson allows you to print coloring pages by using your voice as a command through Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. For example, “Hey Google, kindly asks Epson printer to print coloring pages, please.”

Board Games

Asmodee, a game company offers various downloadable “Print and Play board games” for free, especially for families who are self-quarantining periods. Modeled after Asmodee’s famous board games, it comes on 6 titles:

  • Unlock- A room-themed cooperative escape riddle game.
  • Combo Color- A color game of conquest.
  • Dobble- In the USA, it is popularized as Spot It! a colorful matching card game that rewards speed and cooperation.
  • Braintopia/ Cortex-A game that challenges your reflexes and memory.
  • Timeline Classic- A history-based adventure board game.
  • Dixit-Good for 6 players, the game is all about the enchanting story-based card game.


Every game features similar artwork as to originals; however, some minor modifications have been made to simplify the game to some board games.

All half-dozen board games contain a tutorial video about instructions about the rules of the game and how to play the game.


The art of paper folding or Origami was introduced to us by the Japanese. Your printer can print all the designs you want to craft.

Starting from the classic and basic paper crane, stunning flowers, cute animals, and pointy stars. It also comprises step-by-step instructions normally in PDF form. You will need scissors to cut first into a square shape before folding them on to the dotted lines.

Many mixed up other shades of colors, others recommend that manually coloring some parts or shapes of the paper using markers or pencil crayons before you begin on the folding process.

Social media platform like Pinterest provides origami activities, arts and crafts, and paper arts that are printable and perfect for your little ones.

Fridge Magnets

Recall all your most memorable photos and repurpose them by displaying all your family photos in the area you frequently visit in your home: your fridge.

However, this project is possible if you have magnetic sheets, but if you don’t have, you can buy them for about $16 per 5 packs and can be fed to any inkjet printer.

You can cut them appropriately according to shape and size, and enjoy dressing up your fridge door by displaying the outcome. You can choose old or new family photos, an occasion or places you have traveled with your family.

Tip: You can also make one of these magnets and give them as a personalized gift to a relative or friend. 

You can also modify the photos by inserting your kid’s favorite character, just use your imagination.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to beat boredom while being safe during the quarantine period. All you need is your printer and some materials that can be found inside your home. Many websites offer free printable designs that come with step-by-step tutorial. Use your imagination to come up with the best result. 

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