Holiday printing: The real cost of printing full-bleed at home

To understand what “bleed” is in printing; first you have to understand trim and margin. These are relatively simple concepts once you know the fundamentals.

So what is trim?: Holiday printing

Trim is the size of your final piece.  So if you are printing a business card, your trim size will be 3.5”ˣ2’’.

On to the next one, what is margin?

Margin is the size of the space between your trim and any essential element in your design.

Lastly, bleed. What is bleed?

Bleed is the amount of extra artwork that bleeds past your trim line. One might be thinking? Why would I want anything past my trim line? Well, I will tell you. When your piece is printed, it is printed with extra artwork along all four edges. Once its finished and the ink is dry, it is given to the cutter operator that cuts your print to trim size and cuts outs the bleed thereby making your artwork go to the edge of the sheets without any waste space. Holiday printing

If you do not add bleed in your print file, you run at the risk of having your print smaller than your trim size or under trimmed or having an unintended waste space along the edges. The standard size of a bleed is 1/8 an inch, and you are not advised to go any smaller. Holiday printing

What is a full bleed print?: Holiday printing

A full-bleed print is when the artwork extends beyond one or more edges of your finished document. The original document extends beyond the trim size to eliminate the possibility of there being a thin strip of unprinted space of the paper. The full-bleed print is essential for printing marketing materials such as postcards, brochures, posters and many others.

There is no specific printer for it; a full bleed print can be achieved by using a standard desktop printer.

How to calculate the cost of printing for coloured paper and white and black paper

Printing costs are inevitable despite the type of business you might have. Any person or institution must know the value of print jobs done for effective budgeting. Holiday printing

The standard formula for calculating printing costs is;

Cost per Page= Cartridge price / Page yield + Paper cost

  • Page Yield= Total number of pages that your printer can put out
  • Paper cost= The cost of each paper which is calculated by dividing the cost of a ream of paper and the number of sheets
  • Cartridge price= The price of ink or toner
  • Cost per page = is the amount of money it would cost to print one page.

    Image credit to Epson

It is calculated by using the formula;

  • Cartridge price / Page yield + Paper cost = Cost per page

To calculate the Color Printing Costs the following formula is applied;

  • Color printing cost per page = (Black cartridge price/page yield) + (Color cartridge price / page yield) x 3) + Paper cost

The printing cost for color print is always higher than other printing cost.

Is Printing At Home Cheaper?

In all honesty, it all depends on the type of print job, if it is a heavy job you’ll get the best price at a stationary or print store because they have printers for heavy duty jobs so as to complete your task within a short time.

If it is a small scale job, printing at home is cheaper. Usually, massive print jobs require you to have an office printer at a minimum. If you happen to land big print jobs deals, then the best thing to do is to buy a heavy-duty printer.

Can The Printing Cost Be Affected By The Printer Brand Or Model?

Sometimes the printing cost is affected by the type of printer used. There are variations in cost per print, depending on printer brands and models. We have Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer. The Cost per page of an inkjet printer is higher than that of laser printers because the number of pages printed are lower.

The Cost per Page for Laser Printers varies in the following aspects. Usually, the toner cost per page is lower than inkjet cost per page. On the other hand, the price per page for colour print can rise if the printed projects are photos or substantial graphics. Holiday printing

credit to epson


Budgets can sometimes bloat if funds are not appropriately monitored. The printing cost per page helps you to gain full control of your printing costs. If you are the supplies officer, responsible for preparing a print budget in your office or just an individual printing at home, then it is crucial to know the average cost per page of texts or graphics.

Also, cheaper equipment and cartridges can be misleading and cost more than the expensive ones in certain circumstances. Be wary of printer and cartridge prices when working to know the real printing cost so that you don’t incur other unnecessary expenses. Buy print devices that won’t make you experience loss.

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