How to Maintain the Life of Your Printer

The life of your printer depends on how often you use it. If you have a business, then the more that your employees print documents, the shorter the lifespan will be. However, if you only need to print occasionally for personal use and don’t mind spending a little money every so often to replace ink or paper, then this may not be an issue for you. In this blog post we’ll discuss what is necessary to maintain the life of your printer and why some people choose to do without one altogether!

1. Clean your printer’s exterior and interior

Although most of the ink in your printer is contained within the printer itself, some ink will spill out into the metal housing, where it can remain for many years. This can attract dirt, insects and moisture, and affect the quality of the print job, thereby affecting the printer’s lifespan. To clean your printer’s exterior and interior you can use a combination of different household cleaners, usually containing mildew-repellant components. 


For example, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar for cleaning out the hopper of your printer, or other crevices. Other solutions you can use to clean your printer include bleach, vinegar and detergent for getting into nooks and crannies.


2. Replace the ink cartridges when necessary to keep printing quality high

Many people might choose to save money by avoiding purchasing new ink and paper. However, many of these people are making a mistake. Simply put, when you have to replace your ink cartridges or paper they take more ink or paper, which will cut your life short. The important thing to remember is that if you’re not using your printer regularly, then it’s important to replace the cartridges when you have the money. This will minimize the amount of ink you have left to use and therefore will extend your life span. If you’re not going to be using your printer often, then consider doing without one altogether and using a scanner instead. Scanning can save you money on ink, paper, and toner, and it’s the quickest way to print at a low cost.


3. Run a print head cleaning cycle every few months to clear out any clogs in the nozzle

It’s possible for clogs in the print head to cause a stream of ink to spray out when printing. So before you print, always try to check if you have any clogs in the nozzle. This can take minutes, but is much better than causing an explosion! 


Clean the bedding or the print head inside the printer before you print again. It’s an easy way to extend the life of your printer. While you’re doing a print job, you should use a flathead screwdriver to clean out the waste tank for your printer, which is often located at the bottom of the printer. Check the instructions in the manual for exact instructions. 


4. Keep paper trays filled with paper of appropriate weight for your use (i.e., don’t fill them up with card stock)

Older printers need a lot of paper (as they have been printed on more than one ink cartridge). Older printers may also be incapable of being sent to be serviced and repaired by a shop that specializes in industrial printers. It’s possible that the owner of the printer will be able to find you a replacement cartridge for a similar price, but the odds of getting it replaced again with the same level of quality and lasting power are slim. If you’re working with a printing service, they should be able to fit your printer with compatible cartridges, but it is possible that you will have to send yours to them for repair. This could potentially lead to another set of problems in the long run.


5. Don’t put too much pressure on the printer bed; this can cause jams and other errors

This sounds easy enough, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes the only way to fix a jam is to back up your printer and retry your print job. But if that’s the only way to fix the problem, or if it happens too often, you may want to consider an additional inkjet. However, for frequent users, the problems can be avoided. 


The first thing to remember is that you’ll never get a perfect print job the first time you print from your printer. So don’t be too stressed out if the first print job from your printer is somewhat muddled. When you’re printing an entire sheet of paper, you can get away with a few extra layers that don’t exactly fit into the printer’s tray.


6. Make sure that you have enough space around your printer so it is not being blocked by anything, especially cords or furniture


If you are not using your printer at a comfortable desk or table, you need to make sure that there is enough room around it to prevent cables, cords or furniture from getting in the way of the printhead. 


If possible, buy a replacement laminator to print large numbers of small document files. The more documents that you print, the more likely you will be to blow a fuse or run out of toner. A laminator is an essential accessory for your printer that allows you to securely print those files, so make sure that you can purchase one if you have the budget. 




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