Did You Know That Ink and Toner Cartridges Contains Gold?

While companies have always purchased ink cartridges for purposes of recycling, selling these cartridges does not generate lots of cash. If you are interested in getting the most from the cartridges, you should extract the gold that is found on them. This might come as a surprise to many bur ink and toner cartridges actually contain gold. It is therefore possible to scrap ink and toner cartridges so that you remain with the gold that is found in them.

Removing the Gold Chips from the Cartridges

Firstly you have to get the gold chips removed from the cartridges. You will find them on the exterior of the cartridges. Make sure the chips are of gold and not of copper because copper will not get you a lot of money. If the cartridge is large, use a screw driver and if the cartridge is small, use a knife. Stick the screw driver under the gold ribbon and use it to pry the gold out cautiously. After it has been elevated to the right angle, peal it of carefully so that you get all the gold out. Once you have the gold, you need to extract it.

The Extraction Process

To extract the gold, use gloves, goggles and a respirator mask. Make sure the extraction process is done either outside or within a properly well ventilated area. You will also need muriatic acid, any good house bleach, and a stump out. You will need 150 ml of hydrochloric acid in a jar and in another jar; you will need 50 ml of house bleach. Pour the hydrochloric into the house bleach and then add the ribbons into the jar and then make sure it is mixed by stirring gently. The solution will change and become yellow, which is an indicator that the gold is moving from the ribbons and to the solution. Add a little bleach and then waif for white foam to appear momentarily and then clear in a matter of seconds. The solution will get a richer yellow color and you can then have a look at one of the ribbons to see if the gold has been separated. Continue adding ribbons and checking to see if they have been removed but do not add too many ribbons at a go. If you add too many ribbons, they will not soak into the solution properly and the gold will not be extracted properly.

Getting Precious Gold from Cartridges

When adding reborn, the solution will change and become auric chloride. This is a rich form of chemical mixture of chlorine and gold and can have about one ounce of gold if you undertake this procedure carefully. Once you have removed all the gold from the ribbons, you must filter the solution as this will help get rid of all particles. Particles hinder the precipitation process from being effective. Allow the solution to settle and saturate for a few days and then you can precipitate it so that you have your gold. You should also be careful in how you handle the chemicals. If you do this with a good number of cartridges, you will get a good amount of gold and hence good money.

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