Print Project Ideas for Toddlers

The global pandemic may have changed the course of things but it sure gave us a new perception when it comes to time. With the new normal, we now realize that we have enough time to do to get whatever it is that needs to be done. We’re too focused in our fast paced, busy environments that we’re so used to buying things instead of making them. After all, that’s what’s convenient. 

But now that we have a lot of time in our hands, we might want to think of better ways on how we can use them well. Perhaps, we can include the habit of making things and DIY projects in our daily agenda. And to make the most out of it, why not spend it with our loved ones?

Finding ways to spend more time to bond with your young toddlers is always a great idea. Toddlers learn through play. They grab things they like and play with them. As a parent, it’s your job to introduce toys and activities that will hone them physically and mentally. 

Working on these print project ideas are perfect to bond with your toddlers while honing their creativity. 

Number and Letter Cards

Familiarize your toddlers with the ABCs and 123s. Create your own flash cards and get them printed on a 250 GSM paper (the thicker, the better). Make sure that your flashcards are bright and colorful to get your toddler’s attention. Keep in mind that their attention span is really short, so it’s also a great opportunity to practice your patience. 

There are a lot of templates and free printables that you can use to make these cards. Can’t find a good one? You can always create your own design and layout!


Identifying colors is a sure hit to toddlers and young children. Create your own color cards and start introducing new colors to your child each day. When printing your color cards, make sure that your printer is in the right setting to print the right colors clearly. 

Animal Pictures

You might not be able to go out and visit your local zoo, safari, and aquarium but you can always bring the animals at home. Introduce your children to these adorable animals and their baby counterparts by printing their pictures. 

Presentation is everything so make sure that when you introduce these animal pictures, you also make their sound so your toddler can recognize them in person. Keep it fun and interesting!


Shapes are not limited to triangle, square, and circle. There are so much more than those! Introduce your toddlers to fun shapes like oval, heart, star, and many more. Show them your flash cards and create a little game where they should match the shape to a thing they can find inside the room with the same shape. 

Connect the Dot Images

You may think that toddlers may be too young for connect-the-dots, but the sooner you expose them to these games, the earlier they can learn. There are a lot of connect the dot image templates online that you can download and print. If you want a custom-made image, try and find something on Etsy. Get one that has bigger numbers so it’s easier to connect. 

Keep in mind that your toddlers might not be able to do it themselves so you have to do it with them. This activity can build your toddler’s trust and create a special bond. 

Family Pictures

Show your toddlers some nice family pics. There may be some cases wherein your kids haven’t met a certain member of the family so it’s a great idea for them to meet their long lost aunties and uncles. 

These are just some cute print project ideas that you can use for your toddlers. Remember, this age group loves exploring new things using their senses. Keep them engaged by creating printables that are filled with bright colors. 

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