Printing Myths: Exposed! Common misconceptions about printing



The older generation in the office will most likely prefer hard copy prints over those fancy PDFs. This means that printing is still going strong for many organizations. As much as it has been vilified for contributing to the earth’s woes, printing is still necessary and will be here for a long time. In fact, most offices rarely notice the printer until it stops printing. Then it’s a hectic visit to the ink toner store, a call to the IT guys or the electrician. There are many myths that are bandied around without much to support them;

Myth: Third-party cartridges are cheaper

Different manufacturers deploy different technology in their printers. The truth is that third party cartridges work erratically most of the time. Printers refuse to recognise them, they release too much or too little ink, the printer quits unexpectedly amid many other printer headaches. In the end you are better off with the cartridge that the printer maker has recommended. You will be saved many calls to the IT guys.

Myth: Printing is damaging the environment

Greenpeace and other green activists will tell you that precious trees are being cut to make more and more printing paper. The truth is that most printing paper these days is recycled. Better recycling technology has enabled production of high quality printing paper.  In fact, it is hard to tell recycled from original paper with an untrained eye.

Ink toner recycling is also a way to save on making more cartridges. Printer manufacturers have realized that they can make money from this model as recyclable toners are in high demand. Using recycled toner does its bit in conserving the environment.

Myth: Going completely paperless

Much has been said on the need for offices to go paperless. The truth is office culture will not allow it. Contracts have to be signed on hard copy; marketing material has to be made and so on. Ingrained habits will also make kicking out hard copy a bit difficult. There is a generation that will always prefer to the screen. Going completely paperless is a myth that would be better replaced on the need to save on paper and ink.

Myth: Cartridge is the most affordable

Studies comparing cartridge and ink bottle costs showed that you can save as much as $750 by using a refillable ink bottle. Some people will justify this by trying to recycle ink cartridge. These will cost lower but most likely damage the printer. Ink toner recycling is a better and cheaper option.