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Reducing Printer Data Leakage and Security Risk

Have you ever wonder about print-related data leakages? Yes, it’s a reality of life that printers are vulnerable to security risk since the device is performing daily printing of various types of information. It includes sensitive data essential to a business’s workflow such as the salary of an employee, running budget, deficit sales, and many more. No matter how hard you wish to hide things up and keep personal and sensitive information but having a poor-managed and unsecured printer, there’s a possibility of data leakages.

Some organizations are not aware of the risk it can create for a business because of leaked data. That is why it is a challenge to lessen these risks from exposures.

Security Risks of Data Leakages to Companies

You might consider your office as one of the safest places. Circumstances arise, sooner you’ll get to understand how susceptible to risk a commonplace printer is, and how much damage it can bring to the company’s finances.

These are key takeaways from a report last 2019; it covers the benefits of US and European businesses by having a secure printing habit.

  • Malware tends to worry the most. Even those sensitive files that jammed on printers are still accessible- yes, it’s a printer security risk. Most of the incidents are because of (internal human factor error) mishandling or poor management of print-related information. The highest cause of incidents with a rate of 32% is those internal users with unintentional actions.
  •  Almost 11% of all security incidents are relating to printed documents. Averages of 9 are about security breaches yearly. And last, 59% of them involve data leakages.
  • 27% of businesses graded as “print security leaders”. Meanwhile, 17% classified as “laggards”.  77% are still planning to increase their print security spending in the long run.

The figures above show an alarming image to different businesses regardless of the industry. It goes to show the vulnerability of print-related security risks and leaks. It’s either they don’t have knowledge about the various securities brought by careless printing or opting not to invest in proper security procedures.

Data Leaks and Why Is It More Becoming Damaging

You might be wondering and asking yourself now, “would it really cause damage to my business with a simple print-related leakage”? It’s a wise question to ask and considering that not all business or their industry to be specific may not fall as data to be mainly sensitive.

5 Industry Areas That Are More at Risk to Data Breaches

  • Healthcare
  • The Public Sector
  • Accommodation
  • Finance
  • Retail

Based on the report above, annually, each data leaks are costing the companies to $391.900 or 348.000€. In another report, it states that it is reaching a paramount much higher at 3.86 million – the total global average cost. 

However, if the impact on the revenue is not enough to deal with printer security risks, the independent securities are now treating data breaches much more seriously compared to before.

To help you lessen these kinds of print-related data leakages and security risks, here are some tips to help you establish a more secure and have responsible printing habit.

5       Steps to Avoid Exposure of Data

Regularly monitor and update the firmware for your multi-function printer and standard printers.

  1.  First, for all your print jobs and printing server; you can begin by implementing Windows SMB 3.0 or higher. If you want to be sure of the activation, make sure for the encryption for all your print jobs over the network.
  2. The transmission of data between your printer and central location also needs encryption in the same manner. But, for this to become successful, you need a third-party solution. Currently, there is no available “checkbox” for the feature in Windows. First, your printer driver will process data encryption. Then, installation of an app on your printer or to your external drive connecting to your printer to decrypt the data once more.
  3. After ensuring all the sufficient measures about printing data transmission to address and call the attention causing all the “human factor error”. Data reveals that lessening the security risk is the main tool to minimize in general the network security risk. If even so, you are not making your mind take a moment to think about your organizational arrangement and consider these few things. How’s the direct-IP printing, is it in use? How do you assign or delegate the printers to your employees? If things like these cross to your mind, be cautious about not allowing all employees to use printer anywhere using direct-IP printing because your monitoring won’t be effective or totally scrap out. Today, there are also third-party solutions that are out and available that can help you to improve your security through direct-IP printing.
  4. To the documents- Make it a rule or impose it on all your employees to prevent or avoid leaving all printed documents unsecured or exposed on a printer tray (this is also to prevent paper jams). Also, protecting the entire life cycle of printing documents is essential. The report shows that 60% of business is now using “pull printing” or follow me printing as it is a very effective and efficient way to validate print jobs using any type of a smart card at the printer. Pull printing also prevents any data leakages from happening if a document is unintentionally sent to a wrong printer.
  5. Assign the printer to your employee effectively and efficiently; orient them first about the possible data leaks and security risks that may afoot because of irresponsible printing. Based on the discussion above, pull printing is a great alternative solution for this, but there are other options for consideration. A “self-service portal” is another solution that companies might also what to try. This works by users can select the printer of their choice according to their permissions.

These 5 tips will help you organize and manage the printer setting inside your company, minimizing data leakages and reducing security risks to happen.

Improve Printer Security

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