Save More Money by Using Compatible Ink and Toner

In this cash-strapped times, any practical tip on saving some of your hard-earned cash is always welcome. And with manufacturer’s ink and toner cartridges costing a fortune, you can’t seem to catch a break. Newsflash: did you know you can save a ton of money by using compatible toner and ink for your printer? Oh yeah; compatible ink and toners have gained increased traction with most printer users, giving OEM manufacturers sleepless nights.

Better Off Buying a New Printer than a Cartridge?

It’s somewhat laughable that some users are faced with this tough choice. Laugh all you want but some OEM ink and toner cartridges carry a heftier price tag than the actual printer. Lucky for you, compatible toner and ink cartridge are now available. They are cheap, robust, and uncannily superior or similar – in function and look – to their genuine counterparts. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself compatible cartridges today to save a truckload of cash.

What is a Compatible Cartridge?
In essence, compatible ink and toner cartridges are spanking new – in every sense – and are manufactured to the same or higher specifications and standard as their genuine cousins.

Is there any significant difference between compatible and OEM cartridge?
Not so much. The only noticeable difference could be a slight tweak in the shape of the tank. Don’t fret; a compatible ink or toner cartridge will fit into your printer like a charm.
Even better, they deliver higher ink levels than genuine cartridges. There is no significant difference in performance regarding page yield and print quality. Best thing: it costs a fraction of what you could shed for an OEM cartridge. Isn’t saving up to 90% on ink and toner amazing?

Will Compatible Cartridge Damage your Printer?
No, not at all. OEM manufacturers want you to think so, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. They are the same guys who claim that their genuine cartridges will prolong your printer’s life. For one, there isn’t any evidence that seems to suggest using a compatible cartridge will slow your printer or damage it in any way. There’s not catch when it comes to compatible ink and toners. They simply work and cost far less.

Electronic Chips
Built in electronic chips is a feature new to toners and inks. They are well-orchestrated means to keep you straddled to buying prohibitively expensive OEM cartridges. Nothing to fret about – many compatible cartridge makers are now incorporating these chips into their inks and toners. And they work like a charm.