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5 Things Made Possible with 3D Printing


Printing has never been this advance as in the 70’s, 80’s and even in the 90’s. The evolution of printing is a never ending process. When the consumers experienced 2D, people were in awe and wanted more. Then came the 3D or the three dimensional printing. This is a state of the art technology that makes images almost unbelievably alive. The magic of 3D printing enables us to see an object in a new level of dimension that is impossible with the traditional printing.
Before we go on to how impressive the 3D printing, let us know what the meaning of 3D printing is. What is 3D printing then? 3D printing is the method of crafting the 3D models into solid objects from a digital file by building them up in layers.

There are maybe a hundred ways that 3D printing is made possible but we will just sum it up into 5 of the most and I mean the most evident ones in our everyday lives.

  1. Medical Wonder
    From an unborn child, human anatomy to mummies, 3D printing has supported science in its quest to uncover and discover things and see a whole lot of dimensional and realistic images that an ordinary picture cannot present to its patrons and the world. An example is an ultrasound of an unborn child printed in 3D wherein one can actually touch and feel the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet and body of the fetus.
  2. Food and Marketing
    Oh yes! We have all these mouth-watering and delicious foods that are not only tempting for the taste buds but are enticing to the eyes of the consumers. Food companies are spending thousands of dollars to create a desirable image of their products to charm not only the patrons but the consumers to buy their products.
  3. Real Estate And Industrial Industry
    Selling a house before is way plain than presenting it today. One can have a 3D image of the house displayed at the showroom or in their website. The Industrial engineering sector is getting a lot of benefit from this 3D printing as they can execute complex process with more precision in designing and executing their products.
  4. Fashion and Beauty
    A catalogue full of beautiful dresses, shoes, accessories, makeups and all the stuff will not make it into the market these days if your presentation is not pleasing and interesting to the consumer. You can see a lot of beautiful highlighted products in catalogs, flyers, brochures that sometimes when you have the product or item in your hand is very much way different from what you see in the picture. Make up is now also in 3D, in wide range of color, palette and hues to make the trick, making a new trend in the makeup industry. That is the power of 3D.
  5. Interior Design and Furniture
    Interior designers and furniture manufacturers have been using 3D printing to display their products and services. They invest a lot in this kind of presentation because it does make the layout more vivid and realistic to its tiniest detail. A 3D presentation makes drawings and images into a functional art. An impressive client presentation can make or break a deal.

How 3D Printing Help You in Marketing


Marketing has never been the same since 3D printing has been introduced to the market. And, the impact to the consumer was outstanding. Most major industries are taking advantage of this technology to reach out and to get more out of the market share. This allows the company to develop a great business relationship with existing and potential customers.

3D printing is a lucrative business. Since 3D printing technology is gaining popularity and massive recognition from consumers, it is also becoming competitive though costly but is getting a little bit affordable to the business and the industry. Because of the competition, companies are often thinking out of the box to outmaneuver their competitors. 3D printing is an impressive marketing tool.

As with our previous blog “5 Things Made Possible by 3D Printing”, here we will discuss how 3D printing helps you in your marketing.


Many modern companies are using 3D printing to develop products to check the efficiency of their product development. Once a design is perfected it is then ready for the consumers to see using the technology.

Reproductions of old marketing materials

3D printing can help bring old marketing materials to a new level. A company can save heaps of cash by recycling previous marketing materials or recollection of memoir for marketing purposes.

Interactive Ideas

Some marketing companies are adopting the 3D interactive style of marketing, especially in the digital world. Consumers who get the chance to interact with a product can have the opportunity to scrutinize, feel and test before deciding to avail or not of the merchandise or service.

3D Printing and Virtual Tours

This is really a valuable tool for architects and those in the real estate business. Why, because just like in the interactive ideas, a potential buyer or investor can see the whole structure of the building or house. Also, more people are dedicating extra time browsing the internet thus having this type of marketing strategy is of great benefit to the company.

Extreme 3D detail

A product that is exquisitely detailed, crafted and designed to the tiniest element producing a dimensional piece that is almost life like which offers convincing representation will entice and attract more customers.