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Resetting Your Ink Cartridge Memory

Among the main problem that printer owners experience is the printer not recognizing a new ink or toner cartridge. This problem mainly occurs when changing or replacing an empty cartridge with a new one. Regardless of the brand of printer, you are using this problem tends to be universal for all printers.

Memory reset

Upon the installation of a new cartridge the printer should automatically recognize it, thus resetting its internal memory in turn, should display full ink and toner levels.  However, the printer just doesn’t do that as it may not have detected the current cartridge. In most cases a printer with such a kind of problem may show these messages:

  1. Toner is not compatible
  2. printer cartridge not detected or printer cannot detect ink
  3. it may show a low or empty level of ink and toner displayed on the desktop
  4. For an HP printer, it may display, ‘HP cartridges locked’ or Cartridge protection enabled
  5. Or it may show some flash warning lights on the printer’s display.


This can prove to be very frustrating since it not only stops you from printing but also can take much time if you don’t know what to do. However, by deleting the retained memory from the previous cartridge the printer is able to read the new one.

Below is a comprehensive procedure which can aid you in making your printer recognize the new cartridge.

Swap method

First, place the new/refilled ink cartridge into your printer for the purpose of recognition and make it print an alignment page. However, don’t worry if it still retains the memory of the previous cartridge and read the ink level it was before.


Remove the cartridge from the printer and replace it with an old one again, repeat the process.


It is worth noting that printers can retain the memory of 2 cartridges, this step should ‘trick’ the printer into forgetting the memory of the second one and recognizing the third one. Thus use two different ink cartridges for this purpose.


Reinstall the first /refilled cartridge and you will find that the printer now recognizes the new cartridge as full.


Tape method

Take your cartridge and tape over the left corner of the contact square later has it print an alignment page. Ignore any message about the printer having a problem.


Take the cartridge again this time however tape over the upper right corner put it back and make it print a second alignment page.


Finally, take it out and reinsert it but this time with no tape. Your printer will recognize the cartridge as full.


If the printer doesn’t still recognize the cartridge place the tape over the contact squares on the bottom of the cartridge and repeat the process.



Facts You Never Knew About Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured ink cartridges better known as recycled ink cartridges are those ink cartridges made out of new and recycled components. This is done by remanufacturers who collect the empty ink cartridges clean and refill them while also replacing any parts that are damaged or not working properly. This finally gives these cartridges a better chance of working properly when inserted into a printer.

In this field of remanufacturing ink cartridges so many concepts have been misunderstood. Many people in the printing business tend to know very little about this process. Here are some things you probably never knew about remanufactured ink cartridges.


Go green

Did you know that when you purchase remanufactured ink cartridges you help in reducing environmental impact via shunning off the disposal of unnecessary metals and plastics? This is because the remanufacturer reuses the complete cartridge, for nature lovers and those who opt to go green recycled cartridges are the absolute option.


Optimal performance

Many people tend to think that recycled ink cartridges are just old refilled cartridges which is not,  remanufacturers are very skilful when making these cartridges, they not only inspect each cartridge but they also repair the same. All microchips are replaced to ensure optimal performance of the cartridge while a test is run to ensure complete functionality before letting the product hit the shelves. Basically remanufactured cartridges are a lot better and more reliable than those customers refill themselves.


Customized ink

Contrary to the perception out there remanufacturing companies don’t reuse old ink and toner. This is because the ink and toner tend to be contaminated during the printing process, therefore, remanufacturers make their own ink which is tailored to that specific brand and printer. Printer ink is thus neither combined nor recycled.

Remanufactured ink cartridges tend to be of optimal performance. Lyra Research, Inc a Boston based research firm did some research where they concluded that almost 80% of the firms that switched to remanufactured cartridges found them to be of equal or better performance than original equipment manufacturer cartridges.


Remanufactured cartridges warranty issues

Basically, this tends to be a scare tactic, this is because using compatible ink cartridges cannot legally void your warranty. It is also of great importance to deal with reputable re-manufacturers who will provide you with a full warranty of your product. This can cater for any unusual circumstances.

Did you also know that, for instance, did you know that remanufactured ink cartridges are copyright protected and thus cannot be replicated by another manufacturer?


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5 Tips On How To Care For Your Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are some of the costlier consumables in an office. This cost can even go higher if ink cartridges have to be replaced more frequently than usual because of damage. Faulty ink cartridges can be damaging to the printer and incur more costs. The good thing is that ink cartridges are relatively easy to take care of. You can get longer and more efficient printing service from your ink cartridges with a few care tips.

Before installation

Before installing a cartridge inspect it for damage. Check if the plastic pull tab or clip (older models) was properly secured before shaking the cartridge. This is to prime the ink. You can also tap the cartridge a few times to achieve the same effect.

Inspect the gold contact chip for any scratches, dust or any other impurities on it. This is the point which provides data about the cartridge. Damaging this contact can cause the printer to sense incorrect ink levels.


Different printers have different procedures for ink cartridge installation. It is important to follow the printer’s manual. If a manual is not available, search for instruction videos on YouTube. The ink cartridge should fit in smoothly and easy. Forcing the ink cartridge in can damage the cartridge’s contact point, or dislodge the printer head.

It should also be easy to remove an ink cartridge when changing or inspecting it. Switch off the printer and let the printer head return to its resting position before removing it. Take it off gently to avoid dislodging printer components.

Ink levels

Modern printers have sensors to help monitor ink levels and will show a warning light when the level is low. Other signs of low ink levels would be patchy printing, blank prints, and streaking. The printer can sometimes erroneously show low ink levels if the printer has not been used for some time. This can be rectified by repriming the cartridge. A simple wipe of the print head is often all that is needed for the ink to flow again.

Storing ink cartridges

New ink cartridges that are not in use should be left in their airtight seals. This is to prevent drying out. This also keeps the nozzle from damage, which can make ink dribble out.  Leaving the ink carded exposed can also lead to crusting on the nozzle.

Upright position

Always store ink cartridges in an upright position with the nozzle in the upper position.

If you are storing a partially used ink cartridge, ensure to place the nozzle in an airtight space. This could be a polythene paper that is tightly wrapped with duct tape.

Caring for your ink cartridges is fairly simple and saves you good money in the long run. Follow the tips above for longer lasting cartridges.