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Tips on What to Do With a Broken Old Printer

In today’s tech world, cutting-edge breakthroughs are commonplace. It isn’t so surprising that most of us have formed the habit of buying brand-new personal, office or business electronics whenever newer, cheaper, or better versions hit the stores. Well; there are genuine reasons to keep up with advancement in technology. But as you buy more and more “e-devices”, you are creating some sort of “junkyard” within your home or business premise. That in itself isn’t surprising – dumping an electronic only a couple of years old seems imprudent.

So you have an old broken printer. Hold your horses; before you dump it in that trash can, you might want to garner a little knowledge on e-waste. Printers, like other old electronics, comprise metals, glass, plastics, and many electronic parts that could create a raft of pollutants or contaminants if incinerated. In all, our water and air supplies are the biggest losers in our ever-surging e-waste. News flash: there are other safer, better, and convenient ways to deal with them. Continue reading