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Share Your Love for Mother Nature through these Sustainable Printing Tips

In a constant world of change, we strive to adapt to what we need. Manufacturers and big companies, even starting companies always come up with products and ideas to make life easier.  While this adds convenience to our ever day lives, we all know that through these “upgrades” come at a high cost to mother nature.

The most appropriate example is our printing breakthroughs. We become content with the convenience that they bring that we constantly forget to go green.

Presently, printing companies are making it a point to go green. Green printing technology is now on the rise. Here are just a few of the sustainable printing breakthroughs that we have experienced over the past years:

  • Green inks and papers
    These are inks and papers that are made with non-hazardous and mother nature-friendly materials.
  • Printers that are energy efficient – These printers use less energy and emits lesser carbon footprints.
  • Techniques that are carbon neutral – Even green inks, papers and printers still have carbon footprints, these techniques are meant to neutralize and lessen it.

Source: Flickr/innovate360 | There are many ways that you can practice sustainable printing! Start by recycling your ink and toner cartridges.

These companies have done their parts, now it’s our turn.  Ask yourself, what can you do to help mother nature?

Here are some sustainable printing tips that can get you started:

  1. Ask if you need to print
    Before printing, ask yourself whether what you are printing really needs to be printed.  Can it just be sent electronically to people who needs to see it? If so, don’t print it anymore.
  1. Maximize pages
    If you are printing a long document, you don’t have to print the document as it is, especially if you are just going to review the content. You can print in small readable fonts, lessen the margins and make sure you are maximizing the page.
  1. Use two sides
    If you are only printing a draft version, you can use double side printing, or you can print on the back side of the past drafts you printed.  This will easily cut your paper use in half.
  1. Print in draft mode
    Again, if this is just a draft, you can select “draft mode” or “fast draft” in your printer, this will use less ink and will print faster.
  1. Save paper
    Once you print anything, and the back part of the paper is not yet used, save it!

    Stack all the “once used” papers. When you need to print another draft, you can use these papers instead of new ones.

To thank you for your continuous support for us, we want to #SharetheLove by giving 2 lucky winners a $100 discount on any InkTonerStore purchase.

These sustainable printing tips are just a few of the things that you can do to step up.

We all need to protect mother nature because it is us who benefits from the resources and beauty we get from her. Let’s all do our part and step up to show more love for mother nature.

Tips On What To Do With Used Printer Cartridges That Can’t Be Recycled

Being an environmental freak, recycling is my life. Most of my time I spend trying to figure out ways I can give back to mother nature for her kindness. So far I have come across a stumbling block that keeps me wondering; what can I do with my printing cartridges that are non-recyclable?

Well, this is a general problem not only faced by the giant printing companies but also you the simple home user. Wish these cartridges were like regular disposable garbage where you just throw away in the trash can for the garage track to pick up later. Printer cartridges can be a pain in the but when it comes to disposal. Continue reading

Think Green: Start recycling your empty ink cartridges and toners


Every year, thousands, if not millions, of empty toner and ink cartridges are thrown in the trash. Carelessly throwing these cartridges can be harmful to the environment.  Most people are recycling; however, not many are doing it. It’s time to put awareness; it’s time to think green.

Recycling is easy; it is profitable and beneficial to the environment since it helps reduce solid waste. It reduces usage of raw materials, energy, and air and water pollution. Most of these cartridges are recycled up to six times and resold to customers.

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Where Is A Good Place For Ink Toner Recycling In Your Area

Printer ink toner cartridges can be re-used only a couple of times before they give out completely. While it is a good idea to get the cartridge re-filled, what to do with it once it has completely won out, is the question. In such cases, ink toner cartridge recycling seems like a good option. Almost all of the major cartridge manufacturing companies have started recycling campaigns. These companies encourage their customers to send their used ink toner cartridges to them so that they can recycle those used cartridges. There has been great debate however, over the speculation that whether these big companies actually recycle the used cartridges or simply refurbish and resell them. This is why people have been hesitant to send back their used cartridges for ink toner recycling.


A Simple Solution to Ink Toner Recycling Problems

Currently, there are many charities working for ink toner recycling that use all the generated revenue in helping the needy. Some of the prominent ones include school charities that accept used ink cartridges from the citizens and raise funds for the children via ink toner recycling. Similarly, there are other charities that use ink toner recycling to raise funds for war veterans.

The advantage of sending uses cartridges to such charities is that you can rest assured that these will in fact not be refurbished in order to be sold again and all the profit from ink toner recycling would go out to help those in need. So, not only would you be helping make the earth a better place, you would be generating some money for the deprived at the same time. Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Eco Friendly Ink

If you’re eco-conscious and feel a small wave of guilt every time you throw away another ink or toner cartridge, you’re not alone. The good news is that like-minded folks within the industry have already come up with some creative solutions to reduce the environmental impact and waste generated by discarded ink and toner. Here are some of their brilliant innovations.

Cartridge Recycling

It’s been estimated that over 350 million ink cartridges in North America alone end up in landfills every year. That’s a number almost too high to fathom, but one thing’s for certain: that’s a lot of plastic sitting around doing nothing but slowly leach chemicals. It’s even worse if the cartridges end up floating in the ocean—as all too many waste products do—because the effect on marine life is immediate and deadly.

There’s a lot of doom-and-gloom statistics about the waste of our modern consumerist lifestyle, but you don’t have to sit around feeling helpless about it. You probably already recycle cans, glass and cardboard, so why not recycle your ink cartridges as well?

For many people, it seems like a hassle to recycle ink cartridges because you can’t simply pop them into the same recycling bin as, say, your plastic milk cartons. However, you do have several options.

One way to recycle cartridges is to contact the manufacturer directly and request postage-paid bags or envelopes in which to return the empty cartridges to their facilities.

You can also drop off your empty ink at big-box stores, which often have collection points designed specifically for this purpose. Some charities also have collection points in malls or other high-traffic locations.

It takes a little bit of planning at first in order to decide the easiest way for you to recycle your cartridges, but after that initial trip, it’ll be no sweat.

Re-Manufactured Ink Cartridges

Once your recycled cartridges find their way back to the manufacturer, what happens next? Typically the manufacturer will refill the cartridge and replace any broken or missing parts, if possible. It is then sold as a “re-manufactured” cartridge, which is often cheaper than a brand spankin’ new cartridge.


What’s more, cartridges can be re-manufactured as many as 3-4 times, keeping up to 2 pounds of waste out of landfills and saving 2 ounces of oil every time. There’s simply a lot that goes into making a new cartridge than the average person probably realizes.

So if you’re totally committed to being environmentally friendly in as many ways as possible, you can support cartridge recycling efforts by buying re-manufactured ink. Do be sure to do your homework, though, as some re-manufactured ink cartridges may not be compatible with your machine.

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Yes You Can Recycle Ink Cartridges

Whenever it is time to replace one of your printer ink cartridges, you might not realize that you can do more than just throw your cartridge away. The world’s population is continually growing, as is the demand for the latest technologies. What does this mean? Well, for starters, the earth is not made of unlimited resources. As a result, we should all do our part to care for the earth and make the best use of our products. One way of doing so is by recycling your printer toner cartridges. This helps you become more environmentally friendly, but you might also save a few bucks here and there. Continue reading to learn how.


Use a local ink cartridge recycling center

With the world bent on “going green,” it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a cartridge recycling program nearby. Just type in a Google or Bing search for cartridge recycling programs in your local neighborhood. Some of these types of centers might even give you coupons for future purchase. Not to mention, it just feels good to know that these products can be used again.

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