These Printing Hacks will Help You Make the Most Out Of Your Printer

Printers have proven to be a great investment time and time again. Whether you need it for office, school, or home errands, you can easily and immediately have everything printed in a touch of a few buttons. With the latest printer technology, manufacturers are thinking of new ways to innovate and new functions to make printing easier. 

Did you know that there are still a lot of functionalities that not a lot of printer owners are using? Most homes and offices are using printers for its main function – printing. But, there are some awesome features that you should know to make the most out of your printer. Not only that, there are also some things that you can do to make printing more efficient and effective. 

Here are some printing hacks that you should learn and start doing now.


Squeeze Your Cartridge Until Its Dry
It’s common for people to replace their ink cartridges once the low ink warning light shows up. But that light is basically just a warning. You don’t need to bust out your replacement cartridges as soon as this light starts to flash. The best thing to do is to wait for the print quality to diminish to consider replacing it with fresh ink or toner. 

Save Your Ink By Using Economy Mode

If you’re using a new printer model, it probably has an economy mode. If your print jobs don’t have to be photorealistic, this is indeed an efficient solution to save your ink or toner. Putting your printers in economy mode can also help in keeping your cartridges to last a little bit longer. 

Use a Hairdryer to Squeeze Your Cartridge

There are a lot of instances when ink runs out in the middle of a printing project. And not all the time, you have a back up ink or toner cartridge handy. If this happens, remove the ink or toner cartridge from the printer and blast it with a hairdryer. This trick will melt dried up ink so you’ll have more which can be enough to finish a page or two.

Use Your Printer’s Energy Saving Features

If you aren’t doing this yet, you need to start reading the manual and learning how to use and set up your printer’s energy saving features. This simple little thing will not only save your energy, it can also help protect the environment.

Get a Cartridge Cleaner

Noticed some changes in the quality of your print outs? If you have a fresh ink or toner cartridge and your prints are coming out faded, your printhead may be blocked.  Get a cartridge cleaner to run through the printer to have it cleared up in no time.

Just Print What You Need

Regardless if you’re copying and pasting a page from the browser or printing a whole book, you’ll save a lot of money, energy, and paper if you just print what you need. This will help you consume your printer’s ink or toner and reserve it to something more important. It’s tempting to print everything because sometimes it’s more convenient. But if you’ll spend a little time fixing the layout and minimizing the pages, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll save. 

Assess your printing habits and make sure that they’re efficient to ensure that you are not wasting money and hurting the environment.

Print in Black Only

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you always should. When you require monochrome printouts, just print in black. Printing in color can possibly risk using up some of the colored ink or toner, which is a waste. If it’s all text and is just for reading, you better print it in black or better, in draft mode.

Delete Unnecessary Printware

When installing your printer in your computer, sometimes, it’s not avoidable to also install some software that may not be necessary for your print requirements. Think about the type of printing you’ll need and cancel the installation for some apps and software that you might not need. This can help in reducing your computer’s memory so it can function better. 

These are just some basic hacks that you can start doing so you can use your printers more effectively and efficiently. 

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