Tips On What To Do With Used Printer Cartridges That Can’t Be Recycled

Being an environmental freak, recycling is my life. Most of my time I spend trying to figure out ways I can give back to mother nature for her kindness. So far I have come across a stumbling block that keeps me wondering; what can I do with my printing cartridges that are non-recyclable?

Well, this is a general problem not only faced by the giant printing companies but also you the simple home user. Wish these cartridges were like regular disposable garbage where you just throw away in the trash can for the garage track to pick up later. Printer cartridges can be a pain in the but when it comes to disposal.

On a quest to find the various ways to cure this headache, I came across these three creative ways.

Disposing cartridges in a less harmful way

  1. Back to the maker

You can always return them back to the manufacturing company. These printers manufacturing companies know how best to dispose of their product more than you can imagine. After all, they designed them! All you need is the physical address of the company manufacturing the type of printer cartridge that’s lying idle in your home and ship it off. Well, no harm done. What you simply have done is risk transfer. Now sit back and tell the experts handle it for you.

  1. Donate to recycling organizations and make money

While surfing on the internet, for ways I can recycle my ink cartridges, I came across this peculiar concept. Apparently there are companies willing to pay you to donate your printer cartridges. They even give you the option of choosing whether to get the money or simply give it off to charity. As for me, I would definitely take the money, but that’s a non-issue. The main focus is that you can make money from your junk. Then you don’t really have to work hard to make money; being street smart also counts! All you simple need is register with them add send off this load while waiting for payday to come.

  1. Think Refill

Instead of spending money buying another ink cartridge only to be left behind with the barged of disposing of, why not refill it? This will save you money at the same time you are stress-free. Just refill your cartridges and continue with your printing work; there is no harm done. Many major ink retailers will do the refilling for you if you don’t want to get down and dirty.

Hope this three few tips were of great help to you.