Top 10 Printable Decoration Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Is there such a thing as “enough” when it comes to Halloween decorations? This is that one time of the year when you can go crazy with all sorts of sinister and nerve-wrecking Halloween-themed decoration and do your best to scare the bejesus out of your guests! Best of all – you don’t have to spend the whole fortune on your Halloween Party. All that’s necessary is being creative, and this list should be more than helpful when it comes to finding the best ideas.

1.      Creepy Masks   1

What better to bring some mysterious fright into your party than masks! If you’re going with a themed one like Scooby-Doo perhaps, which is an absolute classic and kids-friendly as well, you should supply everyone with masks of their favorite characters or creepy monsters from cartoons. All you need is a piece of cardboard, some strings and scissors to cut the eyeholes out. If it’s an adult-only party, you should definitely go with something… well – more bloody, but I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun either way.

2.      Scary Wall Decorations


If you really want to put everyone in the right mood, you should definitely try to turn your whole home into a haunted house. We all know that a real haunted house simply can’t be genuine without cobweb in the corners, a scary pair of eyes lurking through the wall and skeletons hanging from their shackles, right? Getting all of these in 3D can be a tad too expensive, so get them printed, dim the lights and no one will tell the difference.

3.      Terrifying Full-Sized Monsters

You can’t really expect your guests to be creeped out if there aren’t any monsters, can you? Think carefully and pick out the scariest monster you can find, and have it printed in full-size. The only thing left is to install it properly, so that every time someone opens the door it falls from the ceiling. Who doesn’t love to hear a genuine scream on this so terrifying night?


4.      Spooky Hanging Ghosts


Instead of monsters or right by their side, you can hang spooky ghosts. The selection of ghosts in front of you is so diverse – you can go with Casper we all know and love, sad Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter, the notorious Bloody Marry, the infamous Headless Horseman or the spooky Flying Dutchman – anything you pick out will be a great conversation starter.


5.      Spine-Chilling Glass Wrappers


Naturally, you should go with Halloween inspired drinks in orange, green and black, but why stop there? Simple cardboard glass wrappers with motives inspired by spiders, ghosts or pumpkins will be a great addition to your party. Besides, all control freaks should know that if there are glass wrappers you won’t have to go around and bore people with pads the entire night.

6.      Frightening Candy Printables

Whether you’re preparing brownies, muffins or some other delicious threat, you shouldn’t serve them without appropriate decoration. Those edible ornaments inspired by Halloween usually turn out to be a bad idea, because even if they won’t poison you, they aren’t really so edible, right? Instead of wasting your money on something your guests won’t actually eat, you should go with printable signs you can glue onto a toothpick. This is a fun solution and its budget friendly – I bet most of them will stay intact, so you can save them for the next couple of years as well.


7.      Horrific Coloring Books

Mixed parties where guests are both children and adults can often be a bit tiring. We all know how Halloween sugar can turn children… well – into little monsters. Printing out a dozen Halloween inspired pages of a coloring book that you can easily find online can be quite an effective way to keep them entertained. Just make sure that coloring pages are appropriate for their age.


8.      Nightmarish Window Ornaments


If you really want to turn your house into a source of nightmares inside out, window ornaments are a must. There are tons of scary characters from cartoons, movies and even books (if you’re artistic and you have enough time, you could easily sketch out your vision of some creature from a book your love). If you have them printed out and frame them with lights, not only will your guests “enjoy it”, so will everyone who dares to pass by your haunted house.


9.      Petrifying Lamp Covers


Speaking of lights – you simply can’t have your Halloween party in a fully lit room, because all that decoration we’ve mentioned will be rendered useless. The lights need to be dimmed, and that’s practically an unwritten rule. However, if you want to go a step further in order to create a truly petrifying atmosphere, you should definitely cover your lamps with spooky motives made of firm cardboard (making them out of paper will probably cause a fire, and then you’ll have a real horror story on your hands).


10.      Hair-Raising Gift Bags

Sure, gift baskets are a nice touch for every party, but Halloween is the night when you should definitely go with themed ones. Other than filling them out with appropriately decorated candy, you should also have the outsides of your gift bags matching the insides. You can always go with that particularly scary pumpkin shade of orange. But if you really want to make an effort here, you should print out a suitable motive – perhaps the one matching your theme, if you’ve decided to have one – and surprise your guests with a thoughtful treat. And a trick.

Well, I believe we have got everything covered. Just remember to start with your party planning in time, because if you decide to go through with all these decorations, you’ll definitely need enough time and energy to do everything on this list. But trust me, it will be worth it.


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