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Top 3 Best Cheap Printers Of 2016

Do you belong to the club of bargainers; always wanting value for your money? Are you an offer freak? I bet you are continuously looking into deals where you can get quality with a cheap price tag. I don’t blame you.

I don’t know but for me, there is a thrill I get in having the touch and feel of a hardcopy; especially when it comes to magazines and pictures. Being the old fashion type, I don’t really embrace having copies of my legal documents and memories on a flash drive or kept away “safely” on Google Drive.  What happens if you lose all your data by a simple mistake of clicking the wrong button! Well, that’s why it’s always important to make hard copies. What better way than the use of print!

Let’s face it, print is here to stay. We can’t live without it. So finding the right type of printer to do the job should be our next step. Even better, find the best one at a budget friendly price. If you love getting value for your money well, here are some of the top three cheapest printers in USA as per the year of 2016.

Top three budget-friendly printers of 2016

Picking a printer can be hard; find one with the all the right features is tricky. Basically, the type of printer you want will depend on your needs. Do you want one for your company or simply for your home? What kind of printing technology do you like and what other add-on features do you what your printer to have? After analyzing all these factors, I have come up with a shoe size that fits everyone. Let’s get down to business.

  1. Canon Pixma MX535 Printer

First to make it on the list is Canon Pixma MX535. Canon’s MFD are proving to be reliable, and the MX535 is not left behind. This device targets excellence in all of its services, rather than only focusing on the printing. It is a business, and home office printer. You can also connect to the printer via WiFi or Bluetooth other than the good old fashion USB and Ethernet connections. Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud printing are incorporated into the printer, making you access the printer with your iPad and Smartphones. If that’s not all, the printer has a handy Access Point Mode that lets you connect effortlessly to tablets and smartphones without even hooking into a network.

  1. HP OfficeJet 3830

At first, peek, HP’s new OfficeJet 3830 gives you the feel of a well-bargained printer. With a price tag $399 USD, this solid multifunction device offers small businesses and homeowners a really pocket-friendly scanner, fax machine, copier, and Printer. Included also is built-in Wi-Fi, a 35-page document feeder, and even support for AirPrint to ease printing from your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Ricoh Aficio 2100N

The new Ricoh Aficio SG ranges from $399 USD making it the perfect type for small companies and home users.

If just a basic printer is all you need, then it’s your match. With no built-in scanner or copier, Ricoh Aficio SG 2100N is no double printing printer. But, really there is no printer cheaper than $399 USD with all these other added features. With no Wi-Fi connectivity, you are limited to the use of USB or Ethernet port connection. On the brighter side the technology used in printing uses a fast-drying gel with a maximum of twelve pages per minute print; whether colored or monoprint.

All these laptops are the perfect fit for the USA printing market.

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