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Top 6 things you didn’t know about printers

There are many things that you don’t know about printers, and while some of these facts may seem irrelevant or trivial, they can actually help in understanding the different types of printers. Here is a list of six things you didn’t know about printers



1. What is a printer

The term printer is used in various different contexts. These include: A printer is a printer, usually, a computer print driver is used to convert data into pictures or text and send it to a printer; The term printers includes all the devices that allow the user to create written or printed copy for various applications; a word processor printer is a specific kind of printer that allows you to write text or code; A photocopier printer is another kind of printer that works by making the copy through rubbing toner onto the paper and then the image appears; A scanner printer is a kind of printer that allows you to scan and produce the image digitally; 2. Some of the machines in the world were invented by printers It is indeed true.


2. Why do you need a printer

-To print photos -To print documents -To print spreadsheets -To print eBooks -To print labels -To print diagrams 3. How are printers different from photocopiers? -Printers use inkjet technology to print the final output. -Heated adhesives are used to print documents. -Printing dots are printed as dots, not dots or lines. 4. How can you clean printer? -Remove dust using a damp cloth. -Clean with a vacuum cleaner. -Use upholstery cleanser. -Use mild dishwashing liquid for deodorizing. 5. How much money are printers worth? Printers are purchased for a relatively low cost and value. A normal-capacity color laser printer may cost less than £300 ($393) and a colour inkjet printer for about £100 ($135). 6. Why do printers run out of ink?


3. How does ink work in the printer

It is a well-known fact that most office printers use toner to print the document in your computer. The ink used in a printer is a powder-based ink that is often stored in the cartridge on the printer’s side. The powder is heated to make it very easy to let the ink evaporate. However, in a laser printer, the ink is pumped into the ink drum which is also known as the ink tank. The energy needed to create the ink from the ink drum is generated by the laser in the printer. 4. Size of the laser printer Laser printers come in various sizes. A typical laser printer comes with either a 4-inch (10.2cm) or 5.3-inch (14.6cm) scanner port, and 3.5-inch (8cm) or 4.7-inch (12.3cm) paper tray. An average size printer is around 1.4 feet (0.5 meters) in height. 5.


4. How to print wirelessly from your phone or tablet without using cables

When you connect your phone or tablet to your printer via USB cable, you can print wirelessly but when you connect it using a wireless connection, the printer’s display is not displayed on your phone. The Wi-Fi printers connect to a Wi-Fi network, the printer displays on your device the on-screen keyboard and not the printer’s display. 5. How an inkjet printhead works The inkjet printhead is a flat metal sheet which is held by a vertical metal rod that is called the print rod. The printing head rotates around the inkjet printhead as it squirts ink onto the page. In an inkjet printer, the printhead rotates around the print rod. 6. How a color laser works The light from a red laser light consists of energy which is split into separate beams of red, green and blue.


5. Printer security features

Many people are not aware of the security features in a printer, or they take it for granted. There are many things that you don’t know about printers, and while some of these facts may seem irrelevant or trivial, they can actually help in understanding the different types of printers. Here is a list of six things you didn’t know about printers 1. Inserted paper labels In certain machines, paper labels are installed. These labels serve as a backup for your printer when the ink runs out. If the labels get pulled off, they may not open. If this happens, it could lead to permanent damage of the printer. 2. Paper lids Many printers have lids that are designed to be opened with a key.


6. Which type of paper should you use for printing photos, documents, and labels

Printing small documents and photos on photos printers are recommended using photo paper. You can find various kinds of photo paper in the market, which are available in normal, light and dark tones and with different prices, and in different shapes. While there is no standard in printing, most manufacturers in the market recommend a specific material to print the documents or photos. However, when you have to print labels, please use one for light material. How to check the ink level Unlike in photo printers, ink quality doesn’t have a reading or indicator in laser printers, except for the coloured cartridges, which help to check the quality of the ink. 8.



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