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Tricks You Can Try In A Printing Calendar 2019

Learn more about how to make the most out of your printing calendar to start the new year with a bang!

Use a multifunction printer for extra versatility.

Printing a calendar at home is a lot easier if you actually use a multifunction printer. These printers are actually equipped with a wide range of features. It is so much easier to use different layouts and set the printer to accommodate various styles. Thankfully, multifunction printers are becoming increasingly affordable. You can find high-quality printers at decent rates, and enjoy a wide variety of features.

When it comes to DIY calendar printing, a multifunction printer is definitely going to be your best friend!

Don’t know where to start? Use a template!

Don’t know where to start with your calendar design? Not to worry. You are certainly not the only one! In fact, most people who print their own calendars actually start by using a pre-made template. Calendar design templates are readily available for little to no cost on the web. Many good templates might actually be available in your computer. Some companies also offer them at no charge in their printing software as well!

Templates might be seen as boring, but some people misunderstand the concept. A template doesn’t have to be a clone. Think of it as a basic starting point for you to make your own design. It is a little bit like going to a pizza parlor. If you like at all the pies, there are so many different flavors and combinations. A classic Margherita, a fresh vegetarian pizza with seasonal ingredients, or a rich meat lovers pie. Yet, all the dough is exactly the same! A calendar template is much like a good dough for your pie. Start from that basis, and add your own ingredients to taste! We’re no longer talking about tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This time, you’d be adding images, colors, and various layout elements to suit your style.

Experiment with two-tone designs.

One of the most common mistakes when printing a calendar is to use too many colors. Unless you’re looking for that specific effect, using different colors can usually look a bit chaotic and unprofessional. Here’s an easy trick to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Try using a “two-tone” scheme for your calendar design. “Two-tone” means that you limit your color palette to only two color variations. Pick two colors that work well together, and let the simplicity of their synergy work wonders. Your calendar will look stylish, and amazing, with a really fantastic minimalistic touch. If you are not sure about how to choose the best color combination, the web can help you. There are many free websites and applications that offer color-matching functionality. If you insert a color you like, they come up with suggestions and possible compatible colors that are aesthetically suitable.

Try a card-sized calendar design.

Are you looking for a calendar with a smaller footprint? Thankfully, there are many ways to print a calendar. Many businesses or young professionals actually love to print card-sized calendars.

A smaller, portable calendar can be a great giveaway. People love freebies. Calendars are used quite frequently, meaning that the brand would have constant exposure.

Even if you do not have a company to promote, a card-sized calendar can be awesome. You can comfortably fit it in your wallet, bag or purse. This means that you can carry with you wherever you are, and always keep track of the date!

There might not be enough space for annotations, but it surely is an amazing solution for something flexible to have on the go.

Make sure you use higher resolution images.

One of the most common mistakes relates to people who use lower quality images. Many of us scour the web to look for fun, inspiring, or compelling visuals. However, not many of us have the ability to look for images with the right resolution. Some people are unaware of image sizing and quality, and as a result, they use images that are too compressed. A compressed image is a picture that’s been reduced in quality. This is often done as a way to reduce the size of a file to make websites lighter. If you use a low-quality image, it might look blurry and unfocused when you print your calendar. Make sure you always use an image with the best possible quality. This will highly improve the look and quality of your calendar. You might not notice much of a difference on the screen. However, the difference will be even more noticeable on paper.

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