Useful Small Business Templates Ready to Print

The best way to make your business idea realizable is to do your research and write a business plan. With this sample Small business template, you can start.

The structure of a good business plan comprises of a document with several sections such as market research, sales strategies, competitive analysis, capital, labor requirements, financial data, and organization’s description.


Such a document can be your business blueprint which will help you in the direction your business should take.

Pros of a Small Business Plan Template


A standard business plan is an excellent way to organize your thoughts. It works a guideline and a necessary layout of your business plan and includes all instructions and requirements as approved by the SBA. Whether it’s a large or small business template, the benefits are all enormous.


Cons of a  Small Business Plan Template


A small business plan template constitutes benefits, but it is not always the right strategy to complete your plan since it depends on the situation. It also involves completing the financial spreadsheet which has to do with doing the math and using the right numbers, as it will be quite a challenge.


How to Get a Business Plan Template


If you are not versed with business planning, when you are to start your plan quickly and easily,  simply download a free template and get to the target.


What Plan Do I Need; Simple or Detailed?


Complete business plans for large organizations typically cover hundreds of pages, unlike small enterprises that keep it short and concise. A 30-page small business plan is sufficient except it includes spaces for product photos, equipment, logos, site plans, business premises, etc

Note that prospective of money lenders and investors prefer well-researched plans and analysis contrary to wordy descriptions.

Structure of Simple Business Plan Template


  • Title

Consist of your business information such as your legal name, address, etc.

Business plan for (Name of business)

  • Date
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website name

Whether to an individual or company include;

  • Their name
  • Name of company and financial institution.


Table of Contents


Your small business plan requires a standard table of contents which delivers your content in sections accordingly.


Section 1: Executive Summary

Though the Executive Summary features near the start of the plan, it is the last to be written and has to be brief, concise, and with a captivating overview of your plan. It also has to raise the funder’s curiosity to keep reading as it touches on other sections.


Section 2: Business/Industry Overview


Here, you provide an overall description of the industry, statistics, trends, demographics, economic, governmental influences, competition, marketing plans, etc.


Section 3 Market Analysis and Competition


Provide an assessment of your competition and your readiness to successfully compete in the sector.


Section 4: Sales and Marketing Plan

Section 5: Ownership and Management Plan


Section 6: Operating Plan

Section 7: Financial Plan

Section 8: Appendices and Exhibits

Top 10 Small Business Plan Templates You Can Download


Writing your own business plan is essential because it has to be solid, but you must not start from scratch. Downloading any of this top 5 small business plan templates can help you to get a plan with a proven and customizable structure.


  1. 1.Score’s Business Plan Template for Beginners


Score is a U.S nonprofit devoted to assisting entrepreneurs move their companies to a better start.  It comes with a template, available in PDF or Word download, and which poses a whooping 150 questions and has the flexibility to customize with a majority of businesses. The Refining the Plan asset which comes along with it, is useful, particularly if this is the first time you are writing a small business plan.

  1. U.S. Small Business Administration Business Plan Engine


You can fill out the SBA’s template online, and after, download as a PDF. You can return in and do some editing. So, don’t bother about the need to have everything prepared during the first occasion when you sit down to fill it. Though it is broken into various sections, it remains a lengthy document and somewhat of a slog to complete.  At the end of it all, you will have an expert looking and helpful business plan.


  1. The $100 Startup’s One-Page Business Plan


Who said when a document is a business plan, it is required to be lengthy and complex?   Some funders are fascinated with seeing so much detail, but the appendices can be a perfect place to fill with such details. The $100 Startup, the site for the top-rated book of a similar name, is full of stripped-down assets for entrepreneurs alongside ultra-easy business plan template.


  1. Office Online Templates Galore

Obviously, Microsoft provides a massive amount of business plan templates to Office clients (while at it, you can get invitations for a birthday). In the event that you’d prefer doing a business presentation using a Word doc, downloading Microsoft Office’s half a dozen or  PowerPoint template for that reason is easier.

5. vFinance, Inc. Strategy Template and Guide

A basic 30-page Small business plan template offered by global financial services firm vFinance can be downloaded from its site. According to the company, users have downloaded it as many as a fouth of a million times. Its however not totally one of a kind, but vFinance comprehends its strategy and the template is quite far-reaching. The huge  Venture Capital Directory is made by  VFinance and the plan is so customized that funders find it pretty appealing.  In case this one is your objective, go for it.

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