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10 Printable Photo Collage Ideas

Have you come across some old pictures and are thinking, “Where have they been all along?”

Making a photo collage is one way to put all your favorite old photos together for easier viewing. It is also a way to tell a great story. You have been on a superb to Fiji and want to
claim your bragging rights? Showcase all those beach shots in one group and post on them on your Instagram for your 15 minutes of fame.

Making photo collages with smartphone and desktop apps is even easier and more fun. You can apply filters, text overlays and much more. Post them on social media or better yet print them and hang them on the wall for your guests to admire.

Here are some printable photo collage ideas to try out:

Your life events

Tell a visual story with all your favorite photos at different important dates in your life; your first day as a gap-toothed little kid in elementary school, your high school graduation, first day in college, your first couple photo, and any other important dates.

The Family Collage

Who can make your days brighter better than family? Go through your family photos and pick the best. They could be photos of the family as a group or solo pics. Life event photos make for great memories; your little brother graduating from high school, your sister’s wedding, your parents’ 25th anniversary.

You and friends collage

Make this photo collage and you will be pleasantly surprised at the fond memories it can trigger. You will always smile when you see the different people who have come in and gone out of your life at different times.

Travel photo collage

A travel collage can be made with photos from one destination like a getaway to Hawaii, or they can be made from photos in your life’s travels.

Favorite personal items collage

What are your favorite everyday items? Got a beautiful watch, or backpack? Take photos with your smartphone and apply color filters to make them look different. A sepia filter would make curious photos.

Favorite spots collage

What are your favorite places where you live? Take photos of places you frequent every day like the coffee house, library, workplace and your favorite club.

Food Collage

Make a tasty collage with photos of your favorite dishes and drinks.

Hobby collage

Do you like collecting stamps? What better way to celebrate the objects of your desire than great photos of your collection?

Random events collage

What unexpected places and events have you been to? Maybe there was that wedding you attended where you did not even know the wedding couple. Show your spontaneous side.

Fashion collage

Which memorable days were you in killer outfits? Show off your great sense of fashion. Do you have favorite photos that you would like to show off?

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