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Where Is A Good Place For Ink Toner Recycling In Your Area

Printer ink toner cartridges can be re-used only a couple of times before they give out completely. While it is a good idea to get the cartridge re-filled, what to do with it once it has completely won out, is the question. In such cases, ink toner cartridge recycling seems like a good option. Almost all of the major cartridge manufacturing companies have started recycling campaigns. These companies encourage their customers to send their used ink toner cartridges to them so that they can recycle those used cartridges. There has been great debate however, over the speculation that whether these big companies actually recycle the used cartridges or simply refurbish and resell them. This is why people have been hesitant to send back their used cartridges for ink toner recycling.


A Simple Solution to Ink Toner Recycling Problems

Currently, there are many charities working for ink toner recycling that use all the generated revenue in helping the needy. Some of the prominent ones include school charities that accept used ink cartridges from the citizens and raise funds for the children via ink toner recycling. Similarly, there are other charities that use ink toner recycling to raise funds for war veterans.

The advantage of sending uses cartridges to such charities is that you can rest assured that these will in fact not be refurbished in order to be sold again and all the profit from ink toner recycling would go out to help those in need. So, not only would you be helping make the earth a better place, you would be generating some money for the deprived at the same time. Continue reading

Cheap Toner Cartridges Compared to Brand Name: What’s the Difference

For people or companies that own printers, running out of toner is not an unfamiliar sight. Unpleasant as it may be, even more annoying is the struggle to find a replacement cheap toner cartridge to keep the printer running. It is a known fact that companies sell printers at economical prices and make money from the toner cartridge sales as a toner cartridge’s expected life is much less than the printer itself.

When it comes to buying new toner cartridges, companies or individuals that tend to do a lot of printing want to settle for the most cheap toner cartridges available in the market. This is due to the fact that when you print hundreds or even thousands of pages per day, you are very likely to run out of toner cartridge every few weeks, if not days. And buying a branded toner cartridge every time will greatly add up to your expenses. Cheap toner cartridges on the other hand, are sometimes available for even less than half of what a branded toner cartridge costs and therefore, are a great way to save up on the printing expenses.

Cheap Toner Cartridge

 The Difference

As mentioned earlier, companies expect to make profits from their branded toner cartridge sales which is why they sell them at ridiculously high prices. Cheap toner cartridges are mostly manufactured by third party manufacturers and are designed to meet the specifications of the printers that they claim to support. These cheap toner cartridges, also known as generic toner cartridges, are inexpensive because their production costs are not as high as the branded toner cartridges. Continue reading

How the Right Office Printing Supplies Can Improve Presentations

Office and printing go hand in hand. Running a workplace means that you need to order office printing supplies consistently, all year round and no matter how much you order, somehow they all get used up within no time at all. But that is how it’s supposed to be in an office; what matters however, is the way that these printing supplies are used. Are they being used effectively to build up a nice outlook of your office? Or are they too low quality to be having any positive effect on the overall presentation of your business? If, even after spending a fortune on office printing supplies, your company has been unable to establish an impressive reputation, there is something seriously wrong. This article focuses on figuring out all the ways in which poor office printing supplies can destroy an office’s reputation and serve as a hurdle in its progress.


Getting Honest Opinion

Do you print a lot of brochures, posters and leaflets for the promotion of your company? Do they still not help bring enough clientele to even cover for the office printing supplies’ expenditure? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, it’s time to get some honest feedback. There is no feedback more harsh yet more honest than that of a client. So talk to your clients. Ask them the following questions to figure out where the actual problem lies. Continue reading

3 Ways to Save Money on Cheap Printer Supplies

Printer supplies can cost any company a fortune if not bought smartly. With the online availability of printing supplies, finding cheap printer supplies for home or office use has also been made easy. There are a lot of third party manufacturers that produce generic or compatible printer supplies like cartridges, toner and ink that is not only inexpensive but also equally good as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.

cheap printer supplies

Even with the OEM products, there are a lot of ways to save money which the common consumer is often unaware of. Finding the root cause of the printing problem and accordingly replacing only the faulty part of the machine is one of these ways. Still, buying OEM products is more costly as compared to generic or compatible printer supplies. The little understanding on the subject of cheap printer supplies mostly forces people to opt for expensive branded printer supplies. In this article, we will take a look at some very simple ways to save money on cheap printer supplies. By following these simple 3 ways, you can begin to save a lot of money, significantly reducing your printing expenditures. Continue reading

How to Get an Ink Toner Refill for Any Brand

Did your printer’s cartridge run out of ink right before you needed to print out an important document? Well, printers are vicious machines with a reputation for smelling urgency, so that was bound to happen. But, you might want to be prepared for the next time. This article features a step by step guide on how to get an ink toner refill for any brand.  Yes, you read it right, this simple, easy to follow guide will let you know of all the things that you need to have an understanding of, to get ink toner refill for your printer’s cartridge. Grab a coffee, sit back and read on!

Ink Toner Refill

Getting the Ink/Toner

The most important part in getting an ink toner refill is getting your hands on printer ink or toner. It is common knowledge that printer ink is expensive so buying that expensive ink again and again to get an ink toner refill seems absurd, doesn’t it? Some of you might be familiar with generic or compatible ink toner. Generic or compatible ink toner is in fact manufactured keeping in mind the general working of the modern printers such that, this inexpensive ink toner can act as a solution to all of your refill problems. Continue reading