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Top 3 Best Cheap Printers Of 2016

Do you belong to the club of bargainers; always wanting value for your money? Are you an offer freak? I bet you are continuously looking into deals where you can get quality with a cheap price tag. I don’t blame you.

I don’t know but for me, there is a thrill I get in having the touch and feel of a hardcopy; especially when it comes to magazines and pictures. Being the old fashion type, I don’t really embrace having copies of my legal documents and memories on a flash drive or kept away “safely” on Google Drive.  What happens if you lose all your data by a simple mistake of clicking the wrong button! Well, that’s why it’s always important to make hard copies. What better way than the use of print! Continue reading

Tips On What To Do With Used Printer Cartridges That Can’t Be Recycled

Being an environmental freak, recycling is my life. Most of my time I spend trying to figure out ways I can give back to mother nature for her kindness. So far I have come across a stumbling block that keeps me wondering; what can I do with my printing cartridges that are non-recyclable?

Well, this is a general problem not only faced by the giant printing companies but also you the simple home user. Wish these cartridges were like regular disposable garbage where you just throw away in the trash can for the garage track to pick up later. Printer cartridges can be a pain in the but when it comes to disposal. Continue reading