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Getting to know your Printer by Understanding How it Works


A Printer is an electromechanical device that accepts text and graphical data from a computer and generates the information into a physical form. By knowing what type of printer you have, you will also be able to understand how it works. It is broadly categorized into two (2) the Impact and Non-impact.

Impact Printers are printers in which a key makes contact with an inked ribbon to mark the paper.The following are examples of Impact printers.

Daisy wheel – This type of printer works very similar to typewriters. The heart of these printers is a circular mechanism known as daisy wheel since it looks like a daisy and numeric characters, symbols and texts are molded on each petal on the circumference of the circle. With the help of a servo motor, the daisy wheel rotates rapidly and pauses to allow the printing hammer to strike a “petal” containing a character against the ribbon producing a print on the paper. Daisy Wheel Printers speed is slow typically 25-55 characters per second. Continue reading

3d Printing: Know its Advantages and Disadvantages

3d Printing, like its name suggests, is a printer that can build a 3 dimensional object. It’s extremely became popular, however, just like any other technology, there are Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Customization – A major advantage in 3d printing. With just a raw material, a blueprint and a 3d printer, one can print any design no matter how complex it might be.
  • Constant Prototyping and Increased Productivity – It enables quick production with a high number of prototypes or a small-scale version of the real object in less time than using conventional methods. This helps designers to improve their prototypes, for any design flaws that may affect the quality of the product.

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Think Green: Start recycling your empty ink cartridges and toners


Every year, thousands, if not millions, of empty toner and ink cartridges are thrown in the trash. Carelessly throwing these cartridges can be harmful to the environment.  Most people are recycling; however, not many are doing it. It’s time to put awareness; it’s time to think green.

Recycling is easy; it is profitable and beneficial to the environment since it helps reduce solid waste. It reduces usage of raw materials, energy, and air and water pollution. Most of these cartridges are recycled up to six times and resold to customers.

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