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How Do They Remanufacture Ink & Toner Cartridges

In today’s business or home office, toner and ink cartridges can be an immense recurrent expense. If you own an inkjet or a laser printer, and you want to save, going for OEM (original manufacturer brand) cartridges will not cut it. Beside OEM cartridges, you have other options like third-party generics and refills.

Compatible (generic) brands have notable for bad reputation while refilled ones are messy, and pose high failure rate. News flash: there is another option that is poised to save you tons of cash: Re-manufactured Cartridge. Continue reading

Tips on What to Do With a Broken Old Printer

In today’s tech world, cutting-edge breakthroughs are commonplace. It isn’t so surprising that most of us have formed the habit of buying brand-new personal, office or business electronics whenever newer, cheaper, or better versions hit the stores. Well; there are genuine reasons to keep up with advancement in technology. But as you buy more and more “e-devices”, you are creating some sort of “junkyard” within your home or business premise. That in itself isn’t surprising – dumping an electronic only a couple of years old seems imprudent.

So you have an old broken printer. Hold your horses; before you dump it in that trash can, you might want to garner a little knowledge on e-waste. Printers, like other old electronics, comprise metals, glass, plastics, and many electronic parts that could create a raft of pollutants or contaminants if incinerated. In all, our water and air supplies are the biggest losers in our ever-surging e-waste. News flash: there are other safer, better, and convenient ways to deal with them. Continue reading

A Guide for Dummies: Top 3 Biggest Printer Problems and Solutions

A printer is inarguably one of the most useful devices in our home or business office. Sometimes, though, you can’t help but sigh in disbelief when it jams for the gazillion time. And that isn’t all: printers can present a plethora of problems to their users – from guzzling ink to shoddy-quality prints and everything in between.

Before you thrown in the towel and call tech support, there is a better and cost-effective way: just take a deep breath and summon the inner geek in you. The good news is that most of these problems can be resolved with a little zeal and a tinge of technical knowledge. Continue reading

How to Upgrade Your Printer Software and Firmware

What is Firmware?

Printer firmware is the OS, a core software that controls the primary hardware functions of the printer. Other printer software stacks up over firmware. As such, the firmware is stored in the primary logic programmable memory of the printer. In layman terms, the firmware is the go-between the printer driver and the hardware itself.

Why Upgrade?

Printer software and firmware need regular upgrades or changes as it ages. Manufacturers release new versions systematically to counter newly-found issues. These releases range from bug fixes to printer enhancements and everything in between. If your printer supports it, you can upgrade your software or firmware to not only add new features or enhance printer performance or fix existing firmware or hardware bugs. Continue reading