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Tips on What to Do With a Broken Old Printer

In today’s tech world, cutting-edge breakthroughs are commonplace. It isn’t so surprising that most of us have formed the habit of buying brand-new personal, office or business electronics whenever newer, cheaper, or better versions hit the stores. Well; there are genuine reasons to keep up with advancement in technology. But as you buy more and more “e-devices”, you are creating some sort of “junkyard” within your home or business premise. That in itself isn’t surprising – dumping an electronic only a couple of years old seems imprudent.

So you have an old broken printer. Hold your horses; before you dump it in that trash can, you might want to garner a little knowledge on e-waste. Printers, like other old electronics, comprise metals, glass, plastics, and many electronic parts that could create a raft of pollutants or contaminants if incinerated. In all, our water and air supplies are the biggest losers in our ever-surging e-waste. News flash: there are other safer, better, and convenient ways to deal with them.

Here, I will walk you through a few top tips on what to do with your old broken printer.

Recycle Your Printer

EPA (Electronic Protection Agency) is at the forefront of e-waste recycling. It boasts a plethora of suggestions on its site. In fact, EPA has instituted a smart recycling initiative – Sustainable Materials Management Program (SMMP) – to help you with your e-waste recycling needs.

They will collect and deliver your e-waste to a raft of bespoke and authorized third party recycling partners. Getting in touch with SMMP is just a click away. Their recycling partners will see to it that your printer is recycled using state-of-the-art equipment.

Trade-In Programs

There are myriad printer trade-in options out there. From brand-backed programs to non-profit initiatives and everything in between, there is a trade-in plan right for you. The success of a trade-in lies in the condition of your printer, though. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile venture as there is a foray of trade-in programs popping up online nowadays. It doesn’t hurt to get a small cash-back while helping the environment.

Donate Your Printer

This is perhaps the most prudent way to get rid of your old broken printer. As dilapidated as it might seem, your old printer could be resourceful to someone out there. The good news is that there are ingenious not-for-profit organizations like FundingFactory that will take your printer and put it to good use: donate.

Their go-between services not only reduce the number of electronics that end up in the landfill but also create an avenue of earning cash. Of course, the funds go to charity.

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