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3 Ways To Reduce Printer Ink & Toner Usage

Have you frequently bought ink and toners because of excessive usage?It is high time you reduced the overuse. The best part of the reduction bit is that you give your printer a longer life and save yourself some coins, killing two birds with one stone. Would you like to cut on costs this way? Well, it is very possible. Let us take a peek on the matter and see just how far you should go to achieve this kind of relief.

Reduce on the color when you can

Color is beautiful and eye catching. Everyone would want their projects and presentation to have a colorful appearance. There is always the option of print in black and white where you can still deliver your message. Color should be used strictly when need be. Office documents do not necessarily need to be in color. If you are stuck, just remember it is no rocket science. Your settings contain properties that will allow for black and white printing.

Draft mode in inkjet printers

For inkjet printers, there is available a draft mode which allows for less ink usage. In this mode, the color of your document may not be as deep. Document such as bills and recipes at home do not necessarily need to be too clear. Such documents are for your temporary use and provided you can read them; the presentation does not matter. Your inkjet printer will spray all over a page to create it, when not in draft mode. It thus takes a shorter time to print in draft mode as the spray is not too severe.

Output resolution reduced in laser printers

Are you a laser printer owner? I bet you have noticed the resolution settings that come with it. Unlike the Inkjet printers, the laser printers use toners. A toner is made of fine dusty powder that serves the same purpose as ink. It is burned onto the paper, producing images. Lower resolutions allow for a lesser usage of the toner particles in its final output. As much as the lower resolutions are not exactly of the quality in higher resolutions, it works fine with regular office work. The lower the resolutions, the faster you tend to print. To do these changes automatically, there is the toner save feature in some printers which you just turn on.


Finally, it is always safer to save than to incur frequent expenses in buying ink and toners. With all this said and done, you are good to go!


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