The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Printing

Holidays are the happiest days in a person’s life. It is the holidays that are known for their frenzied shopping sprees that people like to indulge in. Holiday seasons are the days when consumers wish to spend and marketers need to up their game in order to attract the most number of customers to choose their products and brand. It can prove to be a busy season for all that are concerned. Print has always been the best way to promote a company’s brand, influence the decision of buyers as well as encourage them to choose your brand. Printing can prove to be a huge boost to your business if done right, during one of the busiest shopping seasons throughout the year. Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, following the below-mentioned tips can help boost your business during the holiday season. This article presents to you the ultimate holiday printing guide that will definitely help you with your business.

Printing Holiday Cards

A great tip in printing holiday cards is to print them in a custom manner that would feature your logo, colors of your brand and a personalized holiday message, dedicated solely to your customers. Generic cards fall short of custom holiday cards, owing to their sense of personal touch and emotional connection that is established with the use of lovely holiday messages. For a traditional touch to your holiday cards print them in folded patterns and also print matching envelopes with them, or you can take an experimental chance by printing contemporary postcard style of holiday cards. Whatever, be your approach it is sure to find an eager and enthusiastic audience. According to statistics 1.6 billion holiday cards are sent in the holiday of Christmas alone.

Printing Holiday Stickers

Stickers are a brilliant printing option during the holidays and they can serve as both a brilliant marketing tool as well as a versatile thing to use during the festive seasons. Printing holiday stickers that feature your brand’s logo can be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes include envelope sealers, product packaging tools, address labels, gift labels and even return address labels. It is unwise to underestimate the effect and influence that stickers have on your brand’s marketing ability. Stickers are known to accentuate and promote word of mouth marketing for any business. According to researches, purchasing decisions made by 90% of the people in the world is based on word of mouth recommendations.

Printing Holiday Calendars

A calendar is the best way to promote your business or your brand and is probably the best thing to print during the holidays. Calendars are of utility all 365 days of the year and can be used to bring your business’s brand right in front of your customers for an entire year. They are also welcome gifts. With proper selection of the theme for the calendar and efficient printing, a calendar would be put up on display by your customers all year round, thereby attracting more customers. The option of printing calendars varies from wall calendars to desk calendars. Wall calendars can be adorned with interesting and proper images that would make your customers proud to put it up on display, or desk calendars which come in handy as a good reference tool for your corporate customers on a daily basis. Calendars are also cheap and have one of the lowest cost-per-impression amongst the different marketing tools, whether you choose to print it online or off of it. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and as little as an order of just 25 wall calendars and 10 calendars is enough to gift to all of your important customers, for them to put it up on display.

Printing Holiday Banners

Banners serve as a major push for the marketing of a business’s brand and it comes at a very low cost. It is a brilliant way to reach a large mass of people at hardly any cost. However, placing a banner should be done after making a wise strategic decision and they should only be placed at places which enable the banner to be visible to hundreds or maybe even thousands of people on a daily basis. This is a brilliant way to make your holiday specials be made aware to the public in a cost-effective manner. These places may include busy intersections or roads, shopping malls, public places like bus stands or stations, and even opposite the stores of your competitors, in order to attract a larger customer base.

Printing Holiday Flyers

Another thing that must be included in the ultimate holiday printing guide is a flyer. These flyers can be printed to showcase holiday specials that your business is arranging and place it strategically inside newspapers, give them as hand-outs in front of busy public places or places where a lot of buyers tend to visit, like a shopping mall and at busy public places. Any kind of service, including nightclubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants can have their holiday deals, discounts and events are listed in a flyer.