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DIY Flyers Printing Guideline For Businesses

Recent technological changes have affected every sphere of business including the field of marketing and advertisement. However, it remains very clear that flyers printing are still a great way to advertise your skill set or business. The truth is that consumers still want something tangible to look at and take around with them.

Flyers are effective because they have the capacity to communicate the brand message in a very concise yet powerful manner. Additionally, because flyers can contain whatever information that the brand wants to communicate, it really is up to the business or corporate organization to determine how the flyer will look and what it will represent.

Here is a simplified Do-It-Yourself Guideline on how to print flyers for businesses

When printing your flyers, you should try and keep in mind that your flyer will be the first impression that your clients will get regarding your brand. As such, you want to make sure that everything appears as professional as possible despite it being a DIY project. You should make sure that you pay close attention to the design and the content that you plan to use. Avoid printing flyers that contain a distorted appearance as it could end up harming your business instead of helping it.

There are many different designs for flyers but the most important ones are:

  • Cut-Out Flyers (which are used most commonly for events).
  • One-page Premium Flyers
  • Three-Fold Business Flyers

If you are going to attempt DIY flyer printing at home, here are some tips to help you with each type of flyer:

Cut-Out Flyer Designs

If you are new to the design process, it can be very difficult trying to determine how your flyer design for your event will look like. Your flyer will stand out thanks to a clear focal point, which is what will help to draw the viewer to your design. When designing your flyer, you should also use relevant imagery that will help your target customer to understand immediately what you are trying to communicate.

The use of appropriate fonts is also vital because typography will determine the final layout of your flyer. You must pick a typeface that matches the general style and objective of your final design. Although you definitely want the flyer to stand out, you must also make sure that the overall design is elegant on its own. The text must be kept to a minimum to prevent the flyer from looking bulky and all the elements must be spaced generously for a clean final look.

You can also play with patterns if you are looking to make a strong visual statement so including them in clever ways into your design will help to get more people interested in your flyer.

One-page Premium Flyers

There are some great one-page premium flyer ideas that can definitely allow your flyer to stand out and reach your target demographics. To get you started, here are some one-page premium flyer ideas:

Restaurant menu

You can emulate a restaurant menu and customize the design into a flyer. You can make a simplified version of your restaurant menu for you to place at the door or for distributing out in the streets. Such a flyer for your café or restaurant will be a handy reminder for your guests to return and it is the perfect way to advertise your tantalizing meals.

Real estate flyer

Your real estate flyer should have a professional purpose so that it can showcase what is available in the market. You should have multiple places to position your photos whether you want to display a single property made up of photos of different rooms of multiple properties. Your contact details should be situated at the bottom so that interested parties can contact you.

A horizontal business layout

A horizontal layout that is neatly divided into several segments can use shapes and patterns to create visual interest. You can also incorporate photo frames to showcase the components that your business has to offer. If you want, you can also divide your flyer so that the upper half is dedicated to detailed and rich photography while the second should be saved for a bold copy.

Printing Three-Fold Business Flyers

A well-designed tri-fold brochure or pamphlet is an extremely valuable marketing tool for any contemporary business that wants to succeed. A tri-fold brochure should be designed to integrate relevant information about your products or services. A flyer also guarantees that your customers will have quick access to significant details about what your business is about. To make your printing three-fold business flyer work ensure that:

Make the panel stand out: The panel should read like a billboard and it should make your customer want to learn more about your business, as well as some of the services on offer.

Try not to over clutter: Your three-panel brochure should be informational but not cluttered as it could be overwhelming. Limit the word count to 500 words or less if you can and if the information is too much consider creating multiple brochures that address different products.

Include visuals: a threefold brochure can look quite empty and boring if it is primarily filled with blocks of text. Too many lines of information can seem unfriendly but that can all be turned around with the use of pertinent images and graphics or infographics that can draw the public’s attention. If your brochure contains too much information, remember to use color blocks or stylized bullets to make reading easy.

The Best Marketing Strategy Using Flyers

Once you complete your DIY flyer printing, the next natural step is to distribute your flyers. Flyer distribution works but it must be done effectively for it to have a lasting impact. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for using flyers:

Make the message very clear at first glance: Your flyer should have a strong and immediate message that is conveyed creatively. The imaging that you use must be captivating, strong and convincing.

Maximize the design: The public has seconds of distracted attention to check out your message so you should ensure that you maximize your design to reach as many people as possible.

Focus on the customer and not the brand:

Your flyer should demonstrate to the customer that your business is willing to do anything to ensure their happiness and success. As such, when designing your flyer ensure that you add that one sentence or thing that will convince them that your business will save their lives.

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