Laser Printer Repair vs. Purchasing a New Printer

We understand first hand just how much having a bad or unreliable printer can affect productivity. It can be very frustrating when you spend countless hours each week trying to get your printer to work each week. Like any machine, all printers will stop working at some point; this could mean slower printing speeds, constant errors, or total breakdown.

In this article, we’ll compare various factors that could help you determine whether it’s time to purchase a new printer or instead send your current one for a repair;

  1. Age Of Your Laser Printer: Printer Repair 

The age of your laser printer can affect its performance and even the cost of repair. If your printer has passed or is approaching its legacy status (more than seven years old), then you might be better off purchasing a new laser printer. To determine this, simply head over to the manufacturer’s website, search your model and view its release date.

You must judge the age of the printer by considering its release date and not necessarily the year you purchased it. The reason is, you might get a have time obtaining spare parts for older printer designs in case it needs to be fixed. Another critical factor to consider is that most companies do not offer software updates for older printers which could affect the performance of your printer when using it with newer OS versions due to compatibility issues.

  1. Lifetime Volume Of Your Printer

Most printer manufacturers will specify the optimal monthly print volume for their printer. Printing above this recommended amount could cause problems due to wear and tear of the printer components. You should consider upgrading your printer if your printing needs exceeds the monthly print volume specified by the manufacturer.

Printing the configuration page on any laser printer should specify the lifetime volume of your printer which could determine whether or not it’s worth repairing the device. Similar to car mileage, you should consider this factor when thinking of whether or not repairing your printer is the best option for you.

Since there are 84 months in 7 years, you could multiply the recommended monthly volume by 84. If your device’s page count is higher than that number, then you might want to replace it with a new one.

  1. Labor Cost for Printer Repair

With a lot of youtube videos on repairing various printer models, most common repairs can be done in-office or at home; as long as you have all the necessary parts. If your printer has significant issues, then it’s best to call in a printer technician’s help. If your business is not already established with a managed print partner, then you should always request a quotation upfront which will help you set the repair budget earlier on. After determining the total cost of labour and printer parts, compare the sum to the price of a new device. This will help you when deciding whether purchasing a new device is right for you.

  1. Cost Per Page

This is another crucial factor to consider when deciding whether or not you should purchase a new laser printer for your office or home. The price per page is determined by dividing the cost of the toner cartridge with the number of pages you were able to print before having to replace it with a new one. Example; if you bought your cartridge for $40 and were able to print 1590 pages, then your cost per page will be 40/ 1590= $ 0.025.

Note that older models will most probably have much lower efficiency than newer models, which will increase your overall cost per page. Not only that but printers that can support larger cartridges will, in turn, reduce your cost per page.


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