Productive, Beneficial Use for Your Printer in This Stay-At-Home Season

Until a reliable COVID-19 vaccine is out in the market, staying at home and quarantining continue to be the global norm.

Working from home and online classes are among the best alternatives of today, but these may have caused people to be further glued to their devices.

Fortunately, there’s a ton of ways to disconnect – one of them involves utilizing your printer for productive and beneficial measures.

Below are worthwhile activities your printer can help you venture in as you continue to get stuck at home.

Putting up motivational picture quotes

For many, being inspired these days is a tall order given all that’s happening.

Feeling unmotivated daily? Print a powerful picture quote and place it inside your room or near your workspace. Being reminded as early as you wake up of your goals can be enough to jumpstart your day.

  1. Find a clean, inspiring photo online (e.g., Pinterest, Shutterstock, Dreamstime).
  2. Decide if cropping and resizing are necessary.
  3. Select a quote that accentuates your photo’s meaning. Short ones are the best.
  4. Open them in free quote poster makers. (QuotesCover, Canva, or Visme)
  5. Play with the tools to create a balanced image.

Download and print your output afterwards. If you won’t frame it, consider printing on an 80 lb. cover stock to avoid crumpling and prolong its life.

Use some creativity in hanging the picture quote on your wall to further boost its charm.

The next time you have lack of drive, you’ll know where to look at.

Flyers/ business cards for side hustle

Scroll through social media and you’ll find countless people offering their products or services. As per CNBC, an estimated 26 million Americans furloughed in April can consider auditioning for online jobs like article writing, WordPress website building, or product testing.

Having requisite skills on those fields is almost imperative though.

If your expertise doesn’t fall on the online side, delivering food/groceries or selling cooked meals are still great money-making activities.

Supplement your online presence with printed business cards and flyers. Distributing those adds a personal touch and is likely to provide you with repeat customers.

Sites like Canva,, and Adobe Spark offer ready-made, appealing templates for free printing. Check if standard print quality will suffice, otherwise consider a higher setting.

Budget tracker

Monitoring your finances has never been more consequential than in these times. If you still don’t have knowledge or feel for where your money goes, it’s time to change that before the troubled economy catches up to you.

Print monthly budget sheets with sections for INCOME, EXPENSES, DEBT, and SAVINGS.

For a family, each member’s income contribution should be accounted with its respective timing. A negative saving – debt payments and expenses being higher than total income for the month – would mean spending habit tweaks are needed, or more income streams.

Your budget tracker’s layout will depend on your situation – a solo college renter, a thrifty mom of three, or a budget-obsessed couple.

Thankfully, free printables online exist, such as that of Fitnancials.

Printable COVID-19 health guidelines and signage

If you own a physical store, placing signage for physical distancing, temperature check, employee handwashing, and number of accommodations at a time is essential and mandated by the government. offers creative samples which can be emailed to you, or you can mimic along with your other ideas.

A health checklist, meanwhile, is one of the most valuable printouts you could have today. For instance, CDC’s household checklist, along with other safety measures (e.g., when going out, doing social activities, child care), highlights steps you should undertake to lessen the likelihood of contracting the virus.

Such guidelines also include what to do when you or a loved one gets sick.

You can also create your own list inspired by your local city’s health response, or from widely acclaimed health sites (National Institutes of Health (NIH), Mayo Clinic, MedlinePlus, etc.).

Consider printable recipes

Who hasn’t spent some time in the kitchen these days? Almost everyone has joined the home cooking craze, channeling their inner chef.

Whether it’s On-the-Farm Scrambled Eggs or Diabetes-Friendly Stuffed Zucchini, a plethora of online sites provide printable recipes.

Some great ones are from: Allrecipes, Hip2Save, and Delish.

Don’t forget to place those lovely recipes where it won’t get wet, or stained by sauces.

(NOTE: If you’re saving paper space and ink, customize your print settings first before printing.)

Wind Up

COVID-19 is a precarious situation haunting the world – and all its citizens – today. That’s why finding ample motivation to carry on with life is highly important, although it became twice, if not thrice as hard.

There’s a chock-full of printing ideas to consider during this time to hack your productivity and to get the best return on your printer and ink.

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