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The 6 Best Small Business Templates You Can Print Right Now

Running a small business can be overwhelming. Keeping track of everything between managing employees and customers, tracking finances, and marketing your product or service can be challenging. Thankfully, some tools can help you stay organized. As a business owner, you know that time is money. To maximize your efficiency, having the right tools at your disposal is essential. Luckily, plenty of free small business templates are available online that can help you save time and increase productivity. Here are some of the best small business templates you can print to help get your business on track. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there.

Business Plan Template

A business plan is often the first step in establishing and running a successful business. A thorough and well-thought-out plan will help you develop goals and objectives, identify potential risks and pitfalls, and find ways to overcome them. Many free templates available online allow you to create a comprehensive business plan quickly and easily. A complete business plan should include detailed information about your company’s mission, products or services, marketing and strategies, operational and personnel plans, and financial projections. A business plan template will provide you with the structure and content needed to create an effective business plan. 


Employee Checklist Template 

Managing employees is a critical part of keeping a successful small business afloat. An employee checklist template can be invaluable for keeping track of all the tasks associated with onboarding and managing employees. This template should include tasks like doing employee background checks, completing W-2s and other paperwork, setting up benefits accounts, and collecting personal documents like driver’s licenses or passports. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your staff, this is one of the best small business templates you can use today. An employee schedule template for businesses with employees is invaluable for keeping up with hours worked each week by each staff member and who works each shift or task on any given day. This will help ensure that everyone’s hours are tracked properly while providing an accurate picture of staffing needs throughout the week or month, depending on how often schedules change or rotate within your organization.


Invoicing Templates 

Creating invoices is an essential part of running a successful small business. Invoicing templates allow you to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily without designing them from scratch. Most invoice templates include customizable fields such as customer information, item descriptions, prices, taxes, due dates, and more.  


Financial Statement Template 

Financial statements are vital documents for any small business owner as they provide insight into how well the business is doing financially. A financial statement template will help you track income, expenses, assets, liabilities, cash flow, and more so that you can always stay on top of your company’s finances. A financial tracking template is essential for any small business owner who wants to keep up with their budgeting and expenses. This template allows you to quickly and easily record income sources like sales revenue or investments and expenses such as rent payments or payroll costs. You can even create separate columns for different categories so that you have a clearer picture of exactly where your money is going each month. With this vital document, it will be easier to make intelligent decisions about your finances moving forward.


Inventory List Template 

For many businesses, tracking inventory is essential for staying organized and efficient. Knowing exactly what items you need to order—and when—will help reduce waste on unnecessary purchases while increasing customer satisfaction from always having the things they need in stock. An inventory list template makes it easy to keep track of what items you have in stock and when they should be reordered or restocked.


Marketing Plan Template 

An effective marketing strategy is essential for any small business owner wanting to grow their brand awareness and reach more customers. With the help of an online marketing plan template, you can easily create an effective plan by setting goals, outlining strategies, budgeting resources, identifying target audiences, and tracking results. Your marketing plan will likely be one of the essential documents in your small business arsenal. A good marketing plan template will include sections for detailed information about your target market and plans for reaching out to potential customers through digital platforms like social media or email campaigns. It should also include detailed descriptions of any advertising efforts you have planned (e.g., radio spots or outdoor billboards). Your template should also include budgeting information so that you clearly understand how much money you need to allocate to each initiative.


Staying organized is essential when running a successful small business—but it doesn’t have to be hard! With these best small business templates at your disposal, staying on top of all the details becomes much simpler and more manageable! Whether tracking employee information or creating a detailed marketing plan with budgeting information included, these templates make it easy to get organized quickly and accurately! So don’t wait – print out these templates today and take control over every aspect of running your small business! Running a successful small business requires having the right tools at your fingertips. By utilizing free templates such as those mentioned here—a business plan template, financial statement template, or marketing plan template—you can save time while ensuring that your company is set up for success in every area of operations. With these helpful resources just a few clicks away, there’s no reason not to get started!


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