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Canons Pocket-Sized Ink-less Photo Printer

Whether you have a birthday coming up or a big night out with the guys or girls, this handy photo printer will give you water-resistant, smudge-proof photos to instantly capture and share the moment. It’s the new replacement for your Polaroid Camera!

Officially launched in mid-December 2018, the Canon Mini Photo Printer is not like your average small printer. With the size of your average power bank, this photo printer fits into your pocket and does not use any ink. It also comes packed with a ton of connecting features allowing you to print straight from your device. Let’s explore this new gadget that could replace the Polaroid Camera:

credit to Canon
Pros: (3)
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up a mini printer.
  • Produces printed photos with an adhesive back that are smudge-proof, tear-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Comes with an App that consists of multiple photo editing features.
  • Has reasonable running costs.
  • Takes a long printing duration of 50 seconds approximately.
  • Can sometimes produce distorted photo colors.
  • After printing only 20 photos, it runs out of battery and charging it fully takes over 90 minutes.
image credit to canon

Overview: Photo Printer

The Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer allows you to print 2” X 3” sized photos at any time from any device. You can also peel and stick the pictures easily after printing. It is also very portable, able to fit easily in your hand which makes it a great travel companion. It weighs about 5.6 ounces and comes in green, pink and black colors. If you are a fan of emojis, the printer app allows you to customize your image, add things like frames, emojis, and filters before printing the results.

Features: Photo Printer

Below are the main features of the IVY mini photo printer:

  • Allows you to both print and customize your pictures straight from your smartphone or tablet using the Canon Mini Print App. You can use the app to add frames, emojis, etc. or use the drawing tool to add your own personal touch to the picture. Not only that but also the face tracking technology within the app allows you to add snapchat-like filters to photos before printing.
  • The mini printer uses Zero ink technology or ZINK which means it doesn’t need an ink cartridge. Instead, it uses papers embedded with colorful dye based crystals.
  • Compared to the Polaroid Camera, the print paper on this device is smudge-free. Hence you don’t have to worry about fingerprints.
  • The print paper has a peel and sticks feature, designed to stick to most surfaces and can last longer, even with bad weather. The picture quality will also be preserved even when placed in harsh weather or environment.
  • The photo paper from ZINK is both water and tear resistant, ensuring that your precious memories last.
  • It also comes with an amazing tile print features, allowing you to print a bigger version of your photo with up to 9 used tiled sections. This feature is known as Tile print.
  • This printer also features Collage print features, in which you can add multiple pictures, edit and print them with ease.

Specifications: Photo Printer

From the results we got, the Canon Mini Photo Printer offers relatively excellent value compared to other printers of that very class and price in the market. With more focus on hardware and output quality, this Canon Mini Photo Printer provides users with a  “Zero Ink” ZINK technology printing method. It consists of canon ZINK Photo Paper of 10 sheets and 1 SMART SHEET™ as its supported paper type and maximum number. It has a print speed of approximately 50 seconds and with a maximum Printing Resolution of 314 x 400dpi and highest paper size of 2×3″ (50 x 76mm).

It also comprises connectivity to Bluetooth 4.0 and a built-in Lithium-ion (2 cells, 7.4V, 500mAh) battery type with 90 minutes rechargeable time. Its battery Life is approximately 20 sheets per charge. Also, it comes with a 2 LED light system display consisting of Bottom LED and Power LED, an operating humidity of approximately 40-50% and a storage humidity of 40 – 55%. The printer has a memory capacity of 64mb. The device can print borderless and also comes with an automatic paper sensor.


Conclusion: Photo Printer

The bottom line is, the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer is your best way to simplify photo printing, considering its ZINK technology which eliminates the need for Ink. It is ultra-portable, pocket-sized and lightweight and needs only paper and the printer. So, once you have enough paper stored, you are good to go. With an IVY Mini Photo Printer, you can effortlessly take and print memorable photos everywhere you go, and it is an investment worth making.

If you want a mini printer with which to customize and print your photos, then the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer is the perfect choice for you. Purchase the device at an affordable price and go on Google Play or App Store to download the Canon Mini Print App.

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