Brother MFC-9130CW: Best Printer For Small Business

One of the best ways of buying a product that won’t disappoint you is to begin by checking out if the product has been tested and given a positive review by professional sellers. That’s what we did with the Brother MFC-9130CW, and the results are good. This laser printer can print, scan, fax, and copy. When it comes to text quality, the printer is one of the best in its class. Also, it creates decent graphics and is economical to run. With its excellent touchscreen interface, the best printer is also easy to operate. Though a bit slow and without duplex printing, the Brother MFC-9130CW is a fully featured all-in-1 printer worth buying.

Best Printer: Text Quality

image credit to TechGearLab

The Brother MFC-9130CW features among the printers with the top best text quality according to the results of the testing we carried out. It accompanies two other printers with a top score of 9, which is pretty far from the worst scorer at 3. Our testing proved that the MFC-9130CW text was almost flawless and produced super clear, clean and seamless edges. It had a laser-printer level of quality.

Best Printer: Operating Cost

When it came to cost testing, the score of the MFC-9130CW was at 6 which is a pretty great position in a metric with scores ranging from 2 to 7. It printed a page at $0.02 or a realm of paper at $10.80 which are quite low. With color printing per page, the cost was about $0.10 and $51.43 per ream. This all-in-one MFC-9130CW comes at a retail of $350 which is worth it for a printer of this class. However interestingly, at this very time, online its price maybe 100% less.

Best Printer: Ease of Use

When we tested how user-friendly the Brother MFC-9130CW is, it scored a 7 which makes it one of the top easy-to-use printers with a metric that scores between 4 and 9. With a number pad and vast control touchscreen, setting up and running through functions was easy.  Among other features, the best printer has a feeder for automatic documents and a bypass tray. This makes it easy for handling large scanning jobs and uneven paper stock. It, however, does not have a two-sided printing system, and that was a deal breaker to some of our testers.

Best Printer:  Graphics/Photos

Our graphics and photo testing produced by the MFC-9130CW was of average quality, with a score of 5 from a range of 2 to 7. The prints came with a less distractive amount of pixelation in simple graphics. In the graphics were lines and bars that consist of clear edges and solid, bold colors.  The MFC-9130CW’s average performance in graphic and text quality keeps lots of users satisfied.

Best Printer: Printing Speed

The MFC-9130CW comes with a printing speed that is not among the top best in the industry. During the speed test, it scored a 5 which puts the printer towards the bottom in a metric with scores between 3 and 9.

The speed test on a one-sided page clocked 11 pages in a minute, which is further behind a top speed of 25 pages in a single minute. It took 2 minutes to print an 8″ x 10″ photograph. As it has been mentioned above, the  MFC-9130CW is not a double-sided printer, meaning we don’t have to measure its speed in that capacity. If you prioritize quick printing, then this best printer will not be the model you should be looking to have. However, the printer gives you good performance in other areas such as graphics, text quality and ease of use.

Best Printer:Value

The MFC-9130CW sells at a retail price of up to $350, but right now the printer may be sold online with a discount of minus  $ 100 or so.  Such a price makes it only modestly cheaper compared to the highly performing HP Color LaserJet Pro M281fdw. Also, the lifetime cost of the  MFC-9130CW is lower than the HP, meaning that it embodies an objectively good value in the long run.

Best Printer:Conclusion

The Brother MFC-9130CW remains one of the high-performance printers in the market. It’s a fully featured all-in-one model whose design creates room for improvement.   Since the MFC-9130CW doesn’t have duplex printing, fast print speeds, and a USB port, you should only purchase it if you can get over the lack. However, you can get duplex printing from Brother MFC-9330CD, its sister model.

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