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Easy Printable Father’s Day Crafts

Easy Father’s Day Printable Crafts

Father’s Day is celebrated annually every 3rd Sunday of June. Fatherhood and male parenting is one of the toughest conquests to conquer but is also equally rewarding. And so, Father’s Day is a special day where fathers and father figures are recognized for their contributions to the lives and well-being of their children. 

There are several ways to show gratitude and love during Father’s Day. From surprising him breakfast meals to shopping him grooming items to a more personalized Father’s Day printable DIY craft—wonderful gift ideas just never run out.

With a printer, scissors, and a little creativity, we’ve put together some cool and thoughtful Father’s Day printables to help you show appreciation to the #1 Dad in your life. If you have kids at home, this would be a good opportunity to bond with them too while getting crafty for daddy!

For The Win Father’s Day Printable

father's day printable
Get it from Greetings Island

For the father that is a car enthusiast and as classic as that stunning car he likes, this is the perfect Father’s Day printable card.  Whether he owns one or just loves admiring sweet cars, he will truly appreciate this For The Win Printable.

This would look good if printed on a parchment or deckled paper. Include a personal handwritten message on the inside of the card along with its printed text that says, “And my appreciation for you just keeps growing. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” 

Your Day To Relax Printable

father's day printable
Get it from American Greetings

Fathers are known to be the great provider in the household. Because of a lot of responsibilities, he may have not enough time to sit back, relax, and maybe catch up on a hobby.

This Father’s Day, get your dad this Your Day To Relax Printable which showcase care and humor. It bears the message, “Dad, just sit back and relax. If you want coffee, tea, a snack- anything at all, just holler…” on the outside, and “…and I’ll go and get mom!” on the inside.

Along with this cute Father’s Day printable, let him have a nice and laidback day at home so he can truly have a relaxing time. Pamper him with his favorite drinks, homecooked meal, and let him play video games to destress.

Candy Bar Wrapper Father’s Day Printable

father's day printable
Get is from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Any gift that includes a handwritten content makes it ten times more special and personal. This Candy Bar Wrapper Printable is very easy and fun to assemble and the All About My Dad card where you write things about your father is thoughtful, too.

Print in on a nice fragrant board paper. Once you have assembled this Father’s Day printable craft, there will be a small pocket where you can place sweets and candies to brighten up his day!

The Most Amazing Daddy Coupon Printable

father's day printable
Get it from Tiny Me

The Most Amazing Daddy Coupon Printables aren’t only fun to collect but they are also loaded with treats the fathers would appreciate. You can customize these Father’s Day printable coupons depending on what you think he will need, like a car wash, hand massage, a big hug, movie night, and morewhich makes it a great Father’s Day gift!

Print these cute coupons on safety paper to look like a realistic coupon or use bright-colored paper to add vibrance to your handcrafted gift. Either way, it would be a sure hit on your celebration.

Cupcake Topper Father’s Day Printable

father's day printable
Get it from Oh Happy Day!

If you’re looking to prepare a party, there are a lot of Father’s Day printable decorations that would make your party look more cheerful and meaningful. There are festive banners, table mats, even cute bottle necktie printables that you can use when getting crafty for your celebration.

We recommend these Father’s Day Cupcake Topper Printable that would definitely make your dessert table a little more inviting. Make sure to print on paper with popping colors.


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Honor fathers all year long.

With how busy life can get, it’s easy to get lost with the true reminder of this special day. Let us be reminded that Father’s Day is all about recognizing fathers’ hard work and good influence among families.

We hope that regardless of which printable Father’s Day arts and crafts you choose to spend time doing, you will always remember to honor the love and sacrifices the fathers and father figures in your life has done for you and your family. Take a moment to pause and reflect on how you can make the most of every day for the #1 Dad.

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