Here are post-lockdown print ideas to help restart your business

Some stores and businesses are now slowly starting to reopen and fully operate. To ensure that your business runs smoothly and safely, print is important to convey practical and important safety reminders. 

Here are some suggestions and post-lockdown print ideas to help support your business before opening your doors again.

Sign in shared spaces

Keep staff, visitors and customers safe from the moment they enter your place or site with big, bold safety information prints. Put helpful reminders and placards especially in shared spaces.

Elevator signs

Help your customers, the employees or team think about their safety by putting a few dos and don’ts on a notice near the elevator buttons. This could include things like reminders not to touch the floor numbers with their fingers and, for example, use an elbow or key instead.

Sign in amenities

Inside a bathroom, you can also have a sign to remind them to wash their hands thoroughly and for consecutive 20 seconds.

In-store signage’s

If you’re implementing increased cleaning practices or safety protocols inside your business or store, make a print sign to remind them to keep their distance. Roll-up banners, for example, are difficult to ignore and last much longer. You can also consider adding markers or decals on the floor, particularly near the checkout counter, so people know where to stand in line.

Put a ‘Welcome back’ sign outside

Let your customers know that your business is open. Remind them that you’re there and happy to serve them with a big and friendly welcome sign. To help, you can print mail-out, such as flyers, direct mail or a personalized invitation, including your new opening hours, contact details and new protocols to follow. 

Share simple and personalized stickers

Make it easier for people to feel that you appreciate their efforts. You can put conscious-safety stickers outside your site or at door handles to remind them not to touch their face, or make friendly or inspiring slogans, etc. You can get creative with stickers. 

Greeting cards

After being socially-distanced and away from each other, perhaps it’s time to reach out to your old and new customers with personalized print items. You can print and post personalized cards to make them feel welcome, appreciated and just excited. 

Disposable print-outs

Keep it clean and safe. If there are printed items in your business that rounds a lot, such as menus, it might be time to make them clean and safe. Finishes, like, lamination, can help make those items easy to clean and reuse. Alternatively, customers, clients or employees may feel more comfortable with disposable prints that are recyclable.

Whatever you need to help restart your business, print can support you along the way and help your customers and business move forward.

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What are you doing to prepare your business before reopening? How is your business coping with the new changes? Let us know in the comments below!